Charlie Cox Explains Why Jessica Jones And Daredevil Genuinely Like Each Other

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The interactions between Jessica Jones and Daredevil might be the most enjoyable parts of the first four episodes of The Defenders. We get a taste of their banter in the most recent series trailer.

“Nice ears,” Jessica Jones sarcastically tells Daredevil. “They are horns,” he replies.

When Matt Murdock arrives as Jessica’s attorney after she’s apprehended for interrupting Misty Knight’s investigation, it’s clear they don’t exactly get off on the right foot.

Daredevil busts open the interrogation room door. “Jessica Jones. Stop talking,” he orders. “Who the hell are you?” Jessica shouts back.

While that’s quite an aggressive first interaction, Charlie Cox told Player.One at San Diego Comic-Con they’ll grow quite fond of one another… eventually.

“Krysten Ritter is a true talent, and I love the fact that you meet Matt and Jessica and they almost know they are not going to like each other. They don’t have time for one another. They don’t care whether someone likes them or not, but weirdly as the show progresses, they find -- against their will, almost -- that they kind of like each other and respect each other, and the way they do business is actually quite similar. Every scene I have with Krysten was a joy and I wish they put me in JJ too.”

Writing dialogue between Jessica Jones and Daredevil was something showrunner Marco Ramirez has been thinking about for a while, so it’s no surprise what we’ve seen so far in the trailers is sharp and funny, while staying true to both characters’ personalities.

“I was always really interested in writing Matt and Jessica together. I love their dynamic, even just from the comics, so I loved that idea.”

Out of all The Defenders, Jessica Jones and Daredevil do have the most in common. Both can be impulsive, but tend to think things through if emotion isn’t clouding their judgment. They both have a clear view of right vs. wrong in the eyes of the law, but are definitely stubborn when it comes to working together. That’s something Daredevil will get over, Cox assured us.

“The interesting thing as an actor for all of us is that we have four characters who have no interest in being part of the team and one of the things Matt has learned is that he can’t do this by himself and the only way forward is with help.”

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