The Cycle: Frontier Patch 1.1.0 Brings Some Needed Improvements and Bug Fixes

The Cycle: Frontier
The Cycle: Frontier Steam

The first-person shooter The Cycle: Frontier launched earlier this month. After a few weeks, the developers released the game’s first update. Patch 1.1.0 brings some much-needed bug fixes and improvements.

One of the things that you will instantly notice is that some interactions with the tech tree and shops in The Cycle: Frontier now feel smoother. That’s because the dev team implemented various changes to make this happen. Besides that, it is now possible to add a keybind to mute incoming audio. This is a handy quality-of-life feature, especially if you don’t want to hear anything from your annoying teammates.

In terms of bug fixes, Patch 1.1.0 implements a temporary fix for the problem with sending and receiving friend and squad invites. If you still run into this issue, there’s a temporary workaround: set your Steam friends’ list to public for now.

Here are the patch notes:

  • Gorgon Ammo Counter received an update
  • We updated some of the in-game melee weapon icons
  • Small adjustment to the rail of the Advocate so optics will look a bit nicer now
  • Faction Campaigns received some love, and some of the hint texts and mission images received an overhaul to hint at the correct location. Mods and Beacons unlock properly as well now
  • We’ve also adjusted some of the quest requirements to make them less annoying
  • Climbing will feel smoother now
  • We fixed a bunch of different crashes that can happen
  • Stim sound bug was fixed.
  • Dropping next to your EVAC is fixed, dropping to Fortuna III is not an elevator ride, you need to make your way to your EVAC
  • The “Construct Failed” issue in your quarters was fixed. If you want to have it built, it will happen
  • If an item is repaired, you cannot repair it again until it needs repair again
  • Fixed an issue with the 2x - 4x Variable Optic
  • There were some flying syringes and med packs in the swamp camp. For safety reasons, gravity has been enabled again for those
  • We got rid of the additional X when picking up multiple items, the number is displayed correctly now
  • Your Mineral Scanner got fixed, it does not malfunction anymore and lead you to already mined ores
  • Lethium Deposits behave properly after a storm, and you can interact with them

The Cycle: Frontier Patch 1.1.0 is available on PC.

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