Cuphead PS4 Store Listing Has Leaked

The critically-acclaimed run-and-gun is now available on all platforms except the PS4.
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A listing for Cuphead on the PlayStation Store has been spotted before it has been apparently purged.
A listing for Cuphead on the PlayStation Store has been spotted before it has been apparently purged. Studio MDHR

It seems that Cuphead, the run-and-gun title most known for its hair-pulling difficulty and 1930’s cartoon-styled aesthetic, will be coming soon to the PlayStation 4. The United Kingdom PlayStation Store has posted a promotion for the yet to be announced PlayStation 4 version of Cuphead under its “What’s Hot” section. This listing was first discovered by ResetEra user Alchemist. The listing is now empty with a message “This content cannot be selected at this time”.

Speculations have run rampant, especially since well-known games journalist Geoff Keighley posted a notification for July 28th, 2020 at 8 PM PST, which can be watched live on YouTube. It reads that “a special update from one of our favorite indie game studios” is to come. Many have assumed that the studio in question is developer Studio MDHR, creators of Cuphead, and that their announcement will involve the release of the run-and-gun title for the PlayStation 4, as well as the release of its anticipated DLC expansion titled “The Delicious Last Course”.

For those who have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, Cuphead is a run and gun game which was released for the Xbox One and PC in September 2017. Mac and Nintendo Switch versions were released in 2018 and 2019, respectively. The game’s plot is simple enough: two brothers, the titular Cuphead and Mugman, bet their souls against the Devil and lost. To regain their souls, they must traverse mystical and fantastical worlds to collect the souls of the Devil’s previous debtors. Players are able to choose which level they would like to tackle first, although some levels are locked until a specific boss is beaten. Defeating bosses means being able to upgrade their abilities and skills.

Simple enough? I wish it was, as Cuphead is most known for its enraging difficulty, with it sometimes being dubbed as the Dark Souls of run and gun games. This, however, did not prevent it from becoming a critical and commercial success, with praise being pointed towards its challenging, but beatable bosses and its superb retro inspired aesthetic.

Cuphead is currently available for the Xbox One, PC, Mac, and the Nintendo Switch.

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