Cue Club 2 Update 19.01.2023: Multiplayer and UI Changes

Cue Club 2 Update 19.01.2023
Cue Club 2 Update 19.01.2023 Steam

Cue Club 2 received an update that introduced some changes to the multiplayer mode. In addition to that, the developer fixed several in-game issues and updated the user interface.


The latest update features some changes in the multiplayer mode. Now, the lobby access button is visible from the in-game menu, even when the alert button is deactivated. An exception is only available when players are fighting against another human opponent in this mode. Also, the developer fixed an issue previously faced by players where they were unable to log out of the lobby on exit when the “Receive Alerts" button was disabled.

User Interface

Now, the pointer arrow is rendered with a small fade-in after the target is repositioned and the left mouse button is released. The developer fixed the issue where sometimes the pointer arrow is drawn when moving the target, which occurred either when the shot setup window was active or after canceling the in-game menu.

Cue Club 2 Update 19.01.2023

  • Improved ball and pocket nomination, with slightly smaller click zones to avoid accidental nomination. Also increased brightness of selected pockets for improved visibility.
  • When using the left Alt key with mouse movement for fine aim control, and Fast Aiming is enabled, the target positioning is now restricted to within the table boundaries.
  • Improved table navigation when using a game controller or touchscreen device, with better calibration of X and Y axis speeds.
  • Fixed issue in Speed Pool where game controller buttons were disabled for the Cancel Shot option in the settings menu. This option now only affects mouse control.
  • Fixed issues when nominating balls if the player changed the nomination method mid-game from Automatic to Manual setting.
  • Fixed issues where sometimes after changing display resolution in the graphics menu, the window would not stretch to cover the full screen.
  • Fixed similar issue to above where after changing resolution the pointer arrow would not travel to the far edges of the screen.
  • When loading an old saved game to resume play, the version number is now updated so the game uses the latest engine refinements. Does not affect saved shots or replays of snooker breaks and speed pool games.
  • Various improvements to localized language text.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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