CS:GO Teams FaZe And Na'Vi Secure Spots To BLAST Premier: Spring 2020

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Two teams qualify for Spring Finals.
Two teams qualify for Spring Finals. Blast Premier

CS:GO BLAST Premier: Spring 2020's regular season is off to a good start. Two teams have already secured spots for the BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 Finals in Moscow this June. Those two teams are FaZe Clan and Natus Vincere, who have both earned $50,000 each.

The format of the tournament had the 12 teams divide into three groups for the Group Stage, with all matches being best-of three.

In Group A, FaZe dominated the teams they faced. In the first match, they played against Ninjas in Pyjamas. The first game was a blowout as FaZe won 16-7. In the second game, the first round was rather close, but in the second one, NiP didn't stand a chance. Next up for FaZe was a match against Team Liquid. The first map was the classic Dust 2. In Round 1, FaZe won 10-2. While Liquid did get the next round at 7-6, it wasn't enough. For the Inferno map, it would be all Faze, getting 11-4 in the first round and 5-1 in the second.

The Grand Final for the group was a rematch with Liquid. However the result was pretty much the same. The first game was on the Mirage map and FaZe won it 9-6 and 7-3. For the second game, the map was again Dust 2. FaZe learned from their previous meeting and got 13-2 in the first round and 3-0 in the second.

For Group B, the competition was exciting as well. Na'Vi was unable to beat Team Vitality and was forced to drop to the Lower Bracket. Faced against Astralis in this bracket, Na'Vi lost the first game at 6-16. However, in the second game Na'Vi managed to win 16-9. This led to a third and deciding match with Inferno as the map. In the first round, Astralis got the win at 9-6. Na'Vi would manage to get enough in the second round at 10-5.

Na'Vi again faced Vitality in the next round, but this time they got the drop on their opponents. In the Inferno map, Na'Vi took the advantage after the first round at 11-4. Vitality did get the lead in the second round at 8-5, but the win still went to Na'Vi. In the Grand Final it was Na'Vi versus Complexity. Na'Vi swept Complexity as well, getting 16-10 in the first game and 16-9 for the second.

Group C has yet to finish, with games scheduled for February 15-17. So far in this group, G2 Esports has moved forward to the Upper Bracket Final. Upcoming matches include Evil Geniuses versus OG, the winner of which goes against G2 and the loser goes to the Lower Bracket against 100 Thieves.

Tournament Highlight

The main highlight of the tournament so far has been the match of Complexity against Astralis. With Astralis being seen by many as the best CS:GO team, all eyes were on them. Complexity, meanwhile, had seen its fair share of losses and had been on the wrong end of jokes in the CS:GO community.

The first game took place on Dust 2. Complexity surprisingly ended the first round at 9-6. Astralis wasn't able to keep up as Complexity closed the second round at 7-5 and ended with 16-11. The second game was on the Vertigo map and Astralis ended the first round with a 9-6 lead. In the second round, it appeared that Astralis would be on a roll as they took the first score. To everyone's surprise, Complexity ultimately won the next ones, reaching 7-1. Astralis was in trouble after that and Complexity took the win for the second round at 16-12.

So what do you think? What’s your favorite match of the tournament so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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