Crushed: Players Can Expect Massive Improvements in Alpha 1.0 Update

Alpha 1.0 Update
Alpha 1.0 Update Steam

Crushed is a multiplayer first-person survival sandbox game where you try to scavenge resources in a world ravaged by zombies. Aside from fending off these mindless beings, the game features survival elements where you build a house, cook food, farm resources, and survive against whatever comes your way.

Developed by NipoBox Games, Crushed is still a pretty barebones game when compared to established titles like Dying Light 2 or State of Decay 2. But the company adds fresh content regularly to make this game live up to its theme: survive.

Anyway, the Alpha 1.0 Update adds plenty of new things, including a shotgun that allows you to kill zombies in just a couple of shots. Moreover, you can drink some soft drinks thanks to the addition of RustCola, NipoCola, and 7DaysCola.

If you’ve already tried Crushed before this patch went live, you’ll be happy to know that there are new enemies that you can kill in Alpha 1.0 Update.

Patch Notes

  • Added item «Shotgun Ammo».
  • Added electricity construction «Solar Panel».
  • Added eats «Lemon», «Orange», «NipoCola», «7DaysCola», «RustCola», «ForestCola».
  • Added resources «Plastic», «Gun Powder».
  • Added division of the map into biomes. Green Lands and Scorched Lands are now available.
  • Added Road System.
  • Added Points of Interest.
  • Added new game map.
  • Added new lighting.
  • Added new rendering path.
  • Added «NewsHub» to the main menu.
  • Added new trees models.
  • Added search mechanics for new items.
  • Added new music in the main menu.
  • Added new walking sounds on ground.
  • Added the ability to throw a spear (experimental format).
  • Added a supply box at points of interest.
  • Changed the balance of item values.
  • Changed the balance of damage caused by tools.
  • The preview of the object you are building is now visible at any time of the day.
  • If you take damage, your screen will turn red.
  • Construction sites collapse by crumbling physically, instead of removing.
  • Added indicator of the last picked up items.
  • Added particles when hitting different surfaces.
  • Fixed bug when the ladder could not be installed if the wall is set.
  • Fixed a bug when building copies of structures via the ESC key.
  • Fixed many minor bugs.
  • Removed «Workbench».

The company admits that this game is still a little rough around the edges, but any feedback is greatly appreciated and will be taken into account moving forward. So, if you happen to like the concept and overall feel of the game, giving them your two cents might go a long way.

Crushed Alpha Update 1.0 is available on PC.

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