Crusader Kings 2 Adds China As An NPC Power In Jade Dragon DLC

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Become China's Tributary
Become China's Tributary Paradox Interactive

Amazingly, the now five-year-old Crusader Kings 2 is still receiving regular DLC updates. Developer Paradox Interactive has just announced its newest DLC for the game, Jade Dragon. The Crusader Kings 2 Jade Dragon DLC will be the 14th major expansion for the game, following this spring’s Monks and Mystics. Crusader Kings 2 DLC has often come in two forms — the first adds new areas or playable powers to the game. The Rajas of India and Horse Lords are good examples of this. The second type of update increases major aspects of the simulation while adding no new areas. Way of Life and Monks of Mystics fit the bill for this. Jade Dragon however, almost feels like something in between.

When I saw the name, I assumed Paradox would be adding China as a playable area. I was shocked by this as China at the time was a relatively stable super-power, the gameplay would have to be so different as to be nearly incongruous with the rest of Crusader Kings. It turns out that, while the DLC focuses on China, Paradox is doing something relatively unique with it.

Instead of making China playable, the country will be an off-map power that can have a great effect on nearby countries. There will be a ‘China’ screen that will allow you to see China’s relative political status and let you interact with them. I would guess that this will be akin to the papal influence screen, but representing the entire might of China.

The areas most greatly affected by this will be the ones geographically closest to China, mainly India and Central Asia.

Here are the major features that have been announced:

  • The Imperial Majesty Request : A new “China Screen” lays out the status and desires of the Emperor of China, letting you keep tabs on what he wants and how to earn his grace

  • Kow-tow For Now : Submit to the Empire as a tributary, always keeping an eye on the waning power of the Emperor, so you can time your escape to freedom

  • Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere : Disgruntled princes or curious adventurers may leave China to seek their own fortune to the west.

  • Booty and the East : Collect wondrous new Chinese artifacts for your characters, and explore a new Silk Road system that adjusts returns based on China’s stability.

  • Rally Points : Instruct your levies to automatically gather up exactly where you want them.

  • Dictionary of Chinese Characters : New Chinese and Tibetan portraits and Chinese units bring the empire to life

  • Eight New Casus Bellis : You can never have enough

It will be interesting to see how the China screen works. Historically, during the Middle Ages, Silver was the only item that China ever desired from the West since they had nearly everything else in their own borders. Eventually, Opium would replace it, but not until the Europa Universalis era. We will see if the Emperor’s desires are political as well as trade. The idea of adventurers from China is fun and seems like an Eastern addition to a mechanic that was already functioning in Europe. I’ve been really enjoying playing along the Silk Road, so buffs to that system are very welcome.

In terms of more universal updates, the addition of Rally Points for levies feels very welcome. Anything to reduce the constant clicking of organizing your armies. I’m also very curious to see what the new Casus Bellis are and if they are universal or specific to neighbors of China. I’ll be sure to update everyone when more information is available, Paradox has yet to announce a release date.

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