Crossout Update 0.13.70 New Brawl Festival and New Vehicle

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Crossout received a massive update that brought a new brawl festival, a new vehicle, and a new garage. The update is live on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Brawl Festival

The Brawl Festival is back, and this time, 19 unique brawls are scheduled from June 2 to July 10. Players can also complete unique challenges in this festival. One challenge set is called “Lord of the Storm” that can be attempted in the Storm Warning brawl. Make sure you complete these challenges on time because they can only be accessed during the event.

The brawls consist of:

  • Wheels of fortune
  • Big races
  • Annihilation
  • Rockets
  • Kaiju
  • Drone racing
  • Rippers
  • Knight tournament
  • Storm warning
  • Grenade launchers
  • Long time ago...
  • Sea battle
  • For the Emperor!
  • Rocket welcome
  • Artillery
  • TOW
  • Sapper
  • Drone combat
  • Mosquitoes!

New Vehicle

This update brings an armored car called Eater of Souls, which has a new crossbow of epic rarity “Varun” and new wheels called Sabbath. It also comes with a portrait of Alva and a unique paint can. This package costs 1,500 in-game coins. But, if you are interested in the Deluxe Edition, it comes with more items and a garage for a pricier tag of 4,000 in-game coins.

Copperhead Stadium

The Copperhead Stadium is a garage to be given to all players who purchased the Deluxe Edition of Eater of Souls. The garage has vehicle testing and range building areas, a race track, and a target shooting range.

Crossout 0.13.70

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the “Sword of Damocles” hologram would activate after destroying enemy wheel drones.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Render Scale” setting for “FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0” technology became temporarily unavailable after changing the anti-aliasing technology.
  • Fixed a bug where falling into water in certain areas of the Syndicate garage would not lead to the destruction of the vehicle.
  • Changed the logic of the leviathans when shooting plasma emitters. Incorrect firing led to a decrease in the amount of damage dealt.
  • Fixed and optimized the calculation of physical parameters of an armored car during part destruction, which led, among other, to a strong decrease in the flight altitude and mobility of hovers.
  • Now the weapon scopes ignore destructible objects.
  • Fixed a bug where charging the “Astraeus” weapon caused damage to vehicle parts, even if the shot was not fired.
  • Fixed a bug where flamethrower firing sounds could be cut off when pressing the fire key was pressed quickly in sequence in areas where there was an echo effect.
  • Improved the physical models of the “BC-17 Tsunami” and “CC-18 Typhoon” cannons. Now, in case they are mounted symmetrically, there are no issues with different rotation angles.
  • Fixed a number of text strings.

You can read more about the update here.

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