Crossout: Enemy of My Enemy New Update Features New PvP Brawl "Sabotage"

Crossout Sabotage Brawl
Crossout Sabotage Brawl Targem Games

A new minor update for Crossout: Enemy of My Enemy is now available for all platforms. It is denoted by different version numbers for PC (0.13.05), Xbox One (1.0.111), and Playstation 4 (2.54), but the content is the same.

Anyway, this update features a new brawl called “Sabotage.” Read on to learn more about this new game mode.

New Brawl: Sabotage

Sabotage is a three-round, 6v6 PvP mode where one team will defend the base and the other team will be planting and detonating the bomb.

The defending team is tasked to prevent the opposing group from planting the explosive in any of the two bases. If the attacking team is successful, the defending party must defuse the bomb within a limited time to win.

The bomb will spawn near the attacking team at the start of the match and any member of this group can pick it up. Should the carrier get destroyed, it will stay at the point of destruction. This can be picked up by another member of the squad.

Once the explosive device has been planted, a timer starts ticking and only one defender can defuse it. Defusing the bombs makes them vulnerable to attacks. It is up to the other defenders to protect that player.

The defending team wins if the attacking unit fails to set the bomb within the round’s time or if they successfully defuse the explosive device.

On the other hand, the attacking team wins if the bomb detonates successfully or if they destroy all the defenders. If the bomb is planted and explodes successfully, even if every player on the battlefield gets destroyed before that happens, the attacking team still wins.

The new brawl will be held on a custom version of the Factory map, specifically tailored for this particular PvP mode.

The Sabotage brawl is only available from October 7 until October 20.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug where the “Blank cover” hubcap could fall into the standard and ST “Buggy wheels”
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions, and icons
  • Added a new animated video in the “Enemy of my enemy” season’s theme, which is played when you enter the game
  • Improved the physical model of the cannon “ZS-33 Hulk”
  • Improved the visual appearance of the shotgun “Parser”
  • Improved the model of the part “Backend”

Crossout: Enemy of My Enemy Update 0.13.05, 1.0.111, and 2.54 are now available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4, respectively.

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