CrossfireX Update Brings New Content, Balancing Changes, UI Tweaks, and Bug Fixes

CrossfireX Xbox

CrossfireX, the FPS game by Remedy Entertainment, received a major update today. Update has a lot of new content, but it also removed some. Several balancing changes and UI tweaks have been made. Combine all of that with your customary bug fixes.

The patch removes two maps, namely, Babylon Lab – Nano Mode (Classic) and Submarine – Team Deathmatch (Event). However, these maps might come back in future events, depending on community feedback. Three new weapons are added to the game. SC-SSR (Sniper Rifle) that can be unlocked for 2,500 GP, FSG-12 (Shotgun) for 2,000 GP, and BP93 (Pistol) for 1,000 GP.

You can read a portion of the patch notes below:

A new map has been added to the EVENT playlist! Players can earn up to 20,000 GP for completing 10 matches on both Classic & Modern Mexico.
  • [EVENT] Mexico – Team Deathmatch (Classic & Modern)
  • Navigate through abandoned alleyways as you hunt down the enemy.
  • Control the high ground to gain the advantage.
  • Turrets are positioned in each team’s spawn area.
Naval Base (Classic) has been added to the Classic playlist!
  • Naval Base (Modern) has been moved to the Modern playlist.
  • Invasion (Spectre) has been moved to the Classic playlist
The following bundles have been added to the STORE:
  • Black List Veteran Pack (1,900 CFP)
    • Logan (Black List)
    • 9mm Accessory
    • GAL-R4 Smoke 35
    • EXP Boost 30% (1 Day)
  • Spray & Pray Pack (1,800 CFP)
    • 1928 TYPEWRITER Cartel
    • GATLING GUN Smoke 35

"Update: We have found an issue with the Gold Carbon Pack and will be temporarily removing it from the in-game store. Thank you for your understanding," developers noted.

  • Gold Carbon Pack (1,600 CFP)
    • LOUIS GUN Gold Carbon
    • CAR-4 Gold Carbon
  • Camouflage Pack (1,200 CFP)
    • TSV Forest Camo
    • B4 SUPER Forest Camo
The Queue System has been updated!
  • Players will now be able to queue for their preferred Mode rather than queueing for specific maps.
  • While some modes will only contain 1 map in their pool, we will look to expand this list in the future.
  • Modes with multiple maps will have equally weighted chances in terms of matchmaking.

You can check out the complete patch notes via the official site.

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