The Crew 2 Welcomes Motornation To Season 1

Welcome the new season.
Welcome the new season. Ubisoft

The Crew 2 is all set to launch a free update tomorrow, November 25. This one is dubbed Season 1 Episode 1, and starts with The Chase. There’s going to be a new game mode included in the update as well as new vehicles. Players also get the chance to grab the Motorpass progression system. Today we take a quick at everything offered in the update.

New Game Mode

The Crew 2 is now going to be presented through Motorfilx Seasons, with each one focusing on a new theme and offering a new gameplay experience. In Season 1, the setting is a fictional series where a mysterious outlaw group foolishly makes the decision to steal from Vault Corp.

In The Chase, the goal is to stop these outlaws using the private bank’s very own elite Interception Unit. Where do players fit in during all this action? Well, they take the role of the lead Interception driver.

The action takes places across eight PvE events that are split between Hypercar and Street Race disciplines. There’s going to be five events immediately available at launch. After that, there’s going to be one new event every two weeks.

The events can be accessed through the dedicated tab in the Activities menu, or directly in the Street Race and Hypercar categories.

New Vehicles & Vanity Type

It’s not all events though, since the Lamborghini Veneno Coupé Interception Unit (2020) becomes available immediately once the update is live. After that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Interception Unit (2018) is going to be arriving in The Crew 2.

While most additions follow the seasonal theme, there are other additions that don't necessarily follow the theme. These include the Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray (2020) and the BMW M8 Competition Coupe (2020). Both of these vehicles are heading to the Street Race discipline.

Meanwhile, the Demolition Derby is more than happy to welcome the Dodge Charger R/T Hemi (1969).

All of the vehicles mentioned can be bought either with Bucks or Crew Credits. Expect more vehicles drops in the coming weeks and months as well.

For those who are into customizations, there’s exciting news for you. The Crew 2 is adding a new vanity type which are Rooftops. These rooftops are going to be available in the Far & Beyond store.

Motorpass System

Alongside the new update, The Crew 2 is also launching the Motorpass System. This is a multi-tiered reward system that players can progress through by taking on and finishing Daily and Seasonal Challenges. The Motorpass offers a total of 50 tiers in both Free and Premium Rewards. In addition, a Motorpass is released alongside each Episode. By the way, the Motorpass is optional. Learn more about the Motorpass here.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to The Crew 2 and give it a shot. You can learn and read more about the new update through the Patch 1.8.0 Notes here.

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