The Crew 2 Welcomes American Legends in Season 9

Get ready for a new season. Ubisoft

Get ready to meet American Legends in the Season 9 of The Crew 2, now live. While the previous season saw the return of the US Speed Tour, this new one is all about celebrating the old.

Create Your Own Races

One of the highlights of the new season is the Race Creator. This is a new feature which allows players to create their very own races and share them with the community. There's also a dedicated menu where everyone can find and vote for their favorite races.

In Free Roam, they can open the Race Creator tool and create their own race by placing the starting line and checkpoints as they drive in the open world. Once the finish line is placed, they can then apply specific rules for the race, including the race's category or with or without traffic. They can even opt to make a brand or model mandatory, and choose the time of the day and weather.

Once everything is ready, they can name their race using predefined words and select the event ticket from a choice of official screenshots.

New Stories

Season 9 features new Stories too! Their gameplay is based on classic treasure hunts, offering a unique reward at the end of each story. Stories also give more details on the backgrounds of some of the hosts that players encounter in The Crew Motorfest, like Malu and Festival PR, among others.

Here's the gameplay flow for Stories:

  • All Stories are available in the dedicated Motorflix menu.
  • To activate a Story, players can click on the dedicated ticket.
  • Players can have a glimpse of the featured character's story to discover by following the different clues.
  • While on the menu, players can pin the first step.
  • Players can then try to find the correct location indicated by the step.
  • Step by step, players unlock the reward after finding the final location.

New Event

Season 9 Episode 1: American Legends also introduces players to the new Road to O'ahu event. This new Live Xtrem Event is set to test the skills of individuals when it automatically switches between different types of vehicles during the race. It's the right festival to prepare players for The Crew Motorfest.

See what else is happening for Season 9. The Crew 2 is an open-world racing video game available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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