Bellwright from Donkey Crew Coming to PC This Year

Get ready for a new adventure.
Get ready for a new adventure. Donkey Crew

A new immersive survival experience from indie studio Donkey Crew is set to launch later this year. Bellwright offers a single player/co-op adventure where you get the chance to establish settlements and solve mysteries as you liberate the land. The game will launch on PC through Steam.

In the game, you take on the role of a character who’s been living in the shadows after being framed for murdering the Prince and sentenced to death by the Crown. After narrowly escaping an attempt on your life, you find the assassin's contract but this raises more questions.

Wanting to find the answers, you are left with no other option but to go back to the place that you once escaped. Upon returning, you’ll have to start and lead a rebellion against the oppressive sovereign and along the way discover the truth of your family’s secret.

Game features include:

  • Survive and Explore
    • Gather, hunt, build, and craft.
    • To survive this harsh world, you need to collect and manage resources.
    • Journey across the land for adventures and secrets.
  • Conquer and Expand
    • Start from a small camp and work your way to becoming the leader of a great rebellion.
    • Improve relations with settlements and grow your armies.
    • To strengthen your cause, be sure to liberate regions from the Crown.
    • Gain followers with unique knowledge along the way and find new resources to improve the technologies of your towns.
  • Resource and Town Management
    • As you free villages from the oppressive influence of the Crown, you can build, manage, and upgrade your own outposts and towns with the help of your recruits.
    • Organize your workers and train the strongest soldiers in the kingdom to grow the rebellion.
  • Skill-Based Directional Combat
    • Choose your equipment from a wide range of medieval weapons and armor.
    • From swords and axes to heavy mauls and polearms and bows.
    • Come up with your own unique style of fighting and perfect that skill in directional combat.
  • Army Command
    • Lead armies into battle and command your squads and formations.
    • Employ cunning tactics to your advantage.
    • Equip and train troops the way you want.
    • Control troops on the battlefield to prove your skill and might.
  • Deep Progression
    • Improve your own skills in combat and survival.
    • Train soldiers and see workers become master craftsmen.
    • Each new recruit adds unique knowledge to the table, from crafting better arrows to building advanced structures in your town, so choose wisely.
  • Story and Roleplay
    • As you expand your armies and influence across the land, learn more about your family secrets and discover the truth behind the terrible death of the Prince which you were accused of murdering.
  • Co-Op and Single Player
    • Experience the world solo or with friends.

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