This Week In The Crew 2: Point Breakers Are Here With A Bunch Of New Content

Destruction is coming.
Destruction is coming. Ubisoft

It's that time of the week again and this time in The Crew 2, the LIVE Summit offers some heavy engines with some destruction. Starting December 11, and running through December 17, it's all about Point Breakers. This week also marks the beginning of a month of new content.

For The Crew 2, each week comes with a LIVE Summit Bundle, which gives players all the vehicles needed to complete the events. This week’s Point Breakers bundle contains:

  • Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010 (MT)
  • Lamborghini Aventador (DF)
  • Firenze 1978 (DD)

In terms of rewards for this week, here's what's up for grabs:

  • Platinum: Full Performance Part Set Drag Race Nitro Affix
  • Gold: P51 Mustang AB
  • Silver: Rally Green Endurfix Tire
  • Bronze: 300,000 FOLLOWERS

So what else is store for everyone this week? Well, the LIVE Summit is offering two vastly different vehicles. The first is the Ducati Monster (SR) which is going to be offered at 25% off beginning on December 11 until December 14. Then from December 14 and all the way to December 18, the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2014 is arriving with a 30% discount.

New Content

If you've been following everything that's happening, The Crew 2 released a lot of new content with the Blazing Shots update. The first month of updates started on November 13 with new LIVE Summits, vanity Items, and new events. This week marks the start of another bunch of new content. Here's what's in store:

  • Week 6
    • Begins December 11
    • Content Arriving:
      • LIVE Summit: Point Breakers
      • 3 New Vanity Items
      • 1 New Event
  • Week 7
    • Begins December 18
    • Content Arriving:
      • LIVE Summit: Ups & Downs
      • 3 New Vanity Items
      • 1 New Events
      • 1 Vehicle Drop
      • Temporary Boosts
      • Live Crates/PVP Rewards
  • Week 8
    • Begins December 25
    • Content Arriving:
      • LIVE Summit: Santa Cruise
      • 2 New Vanity Items
      • 1 XMas Event
      • 1 Summit Special Item
      • Temporary Boosts
      • Live Crates/PVP Rewards
  • Week 9
    • Begins January 1
    • Content Arriving:
      • LIVE Summit: Open Days
      • 3 New Vanity Items
      • 1 Summit Special Edition

In The Crew 2, the LIVE Summit is a PvE event that features themed activities and is updated on a weekly basis. Players who participate in this summit have a chance at winning various tiered prizes depending on where they are positioned on the leaderboard. The LIVE Summit also generally offers three different skill events along with five racing events. What makes the LIVE Summit unique is that the racing events often require players to drive vehicles in a different style than what was intended. For example, players may be required to use a street racing motorbike for a hypercar event.

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