This Week In The Crew 2: Time To Take The Fight To The Streets

A free weekend is also coming
It's a street fight.
It's a street fight. Ubisoft

This week, The Crew 2 has street racers and hypercars toeing the line in order to the join the fight and claim victory. The LIVE Summit is all about Street Fight and runs from December 4 until December 10.

For this week, the Street Fight bundle contains:

  • Mazda RX-8 (SR)
  • Abarth 500 (SR)
  • Koenigsegg Agera R (HC)
  • Ferrari 488 Pista (HC)
  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS (SR)

Meanwhile the rewards up for grabs include:

  • Platinum: Untamed Parrot Underglow
  • Gold: Orange Underglow
  • Silver: Visual Part Set Lamborghini Aventador
  • Bronze: 300,000 Followers

Of course, this week's update wouldn't be complete without the vanity promotion. The Crown Shaped Smoke, Outer Red Tire, and White Line Tire are all available at 15% off until December 11.

Free Weekend

The Crew 2 also announced that the game is available for free this weekend in celebration of the release of its Blazing Shots update. Beginning December 5 and all the way to December 9, get a chance to enjoy the full Motornation experience and get behind the wheel of a wide range of exclusive, extensively customizable vehicles all across the USA.

In The Crew 2, the LIVE Summit is a PvE event that features themed activities and is updated on a weekly basis. Players who participate in this summit have a chance at winning various tiered prizes depending on where they are positioned on the leaderboard. The LIVE Summit also generally offers three different skill events along with five racing events. What makes the LIVE Summit unique is that the racing events often require players to drive vehicles in a different style than what was intended. For example, players may be required to use a street racing motorbike for a hypercar event.

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