The Crackpet Show Update 0.17.1: QoL Changes and Bug Fixes

The Crackpet Show
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The Crackpet Show recently received an update that added several new skins and quality-of-life changes. The developers also addressed several bugs in this update, making the game smoother and more fun for players.

QoL Changes

The developers added something new to co-op. Now, each character has a distinctive background to help easily spot their pets. They also made some adjustments to the camera zoom, delivering a more fluid experience and eliminating situations where players could be outside the screen’s border.

New Skins

If you love collecting skins, you are in luck because the developers added one new skin for every character. The new skins available in this update are:

  • Hipster Bunny
  • Farmer Cowie
  • Donald Crocodile
  • Merlin Goat
  • Trippy Panda
  • Mechanical Piggy
  • Soldier Rusty

The Crackpet Show Update 0.17.1

New Content
  • The new look of Hedgehog Gang miniboss.
  • Improved characters' visibility in co-op by adding circles under players' characters.
  • New episode summary screen with more detailed stats for each player.
  • Fixed accidental stuff picking from the ground (now you need to hold the button).
  • Increase the time of holding the button needed to drop stuff.
  • Added HP bars to Giant Turtle shells.
  • The codec for the intro has been updated.
  • Improved camera behavior.
  • Mutation Potion now gives five random perks instead of all unlocked perks but it lasts longer.
  • Fix for Chain perks sometimes apply too much damage.
  • Fix for settings apply button not updating to controller button.
  • Fixed bug with the weapon changing while the next stage loaded.
  • Fixed sounds for Turret gun.
  • Fixed bug when players kept rapidly swapping weapons.
  • Fixed getting stuck after using Health Station.
  • Fixed double pause suspending the game without pausing the UI.
  • Fixed Mirror special item duration after stage change.
  • Fixed Mad Bat animation getting stuck.
  • Fixed Area of Effects not destroying barrels.
  • Fixed Whack-a-Ctopus' high fame amount.
  • Fixed input to not favor the horizontal axis.
  • Fixed Blood Brothers getting stuck in a corner.
  • Fixed Blood Brothers animations sometimes not looping properly.
  • Fixed Blood Brothers walking SFX staying after death and during the pause.

You can read more about the update here.

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