Could The Next James Bond Be A Marvel Villain?

Daniel Craig as James Bond. Who will play 007 next?
Daniel Craig as James Bond. Who will play 007 next? Eon

It’s looking more likely Daniel Craig will return for Bond 25, and it’s also starting to seem like an eventuality his successor will have played a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recent rumors have moved away from longtime favorite Idris Elba (Thor’s Heimdall) and toward Michael Fassbender (X-Men’s young Magneto). Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Thor and Avengers) is also still in the running.

The Daily Mail reported Thursday that Robert Wade and Neil Purvis will write Bond 25. The pair previously contributed writing on previous films in the series, including Skyfall and Spectre. This choice of writers suggests we won’t see a dramatic change to the franchise with Bond 25.

“Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have made it very clear to Craig that they would like him to return for Bond 25 but the truth is, he hasn't decided yet — though I hear he's keener to do it than not,” says the Mail’s Baz Bamigboye.

So it looks like more of the same for 007 for a while. Though after we all endure Spectre Part Two or whatever joyless cash-grab Craig sulks through next, it seems either Fassbender or Hiddleston will be taking up the MI6 agent’s Walther PPK.

Back in February, The Week reported Fassbender was the odds-on favorite amongst U.K. bookies, despite having recently stated "Well, look at me! I look about 50! No, I think the franchise needs something new" in an article for British GQ entitled, rather punchily, ‘Michael Fassbender: I Will Never Be James Bond.’ We hope he’s bluffing, as he would actually make a pretty solid Bond, equally capable of acting the debonair gentleman and kicking some SPECTRE ass as needed. (Like us, Screenrant takes Fassbender’s GQ denials with a grain of salt, commenting, “it wouldn’t be the first time an actor’s tried to throw off the scent of a major casting.”)

Hiddleston seemed to be a leading contender to take over the role of the British secret agent over the summer, but his weirdly manufactured courtship with Taylor Swift might have cost him. British GQ also speculates that his role as a spy on BBC’s adaptation of John le Carré’s The Night Manager might hurt his chances, although Pierce Brosnan’s role on Remington Steele and Roger Moore’s The Saint didn’t prevent them from becoming Bond. Most damning of all, however, would be GQ’s claim that Broccoli dismissed him as “too posh.”

The call for casting Elba as Bond also seems to have lost some momentum, despite a number of people have voicing support, including Steven Spielberg. This week’s article from the Mail also reports Broccoli is “absolutely keen on having a black actor playing Bond.” But it then goes on to speculate, oddly, “It wouldn't be Idris Elba — he's too established. I'll tell you who would be good: Sam Claflin.” Um, what? How do you get from A to B here? (Claflin might make a fine 007 anyway, but what a leap in logic!)

We think all three would make a great Bond, but if we can’t have Elba, Fassbender’s our favorite. (We suppose we can forgive the Assassin’s Creed movie.)

Who would you like to see take on the role of James Bond? Would you prefer a posh English gent or someone a bit more unexpected? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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