Coromon: Trait Enhancements and Reduced RNG Mode Introduced in Patch 1.1.0

Patch 1.1.0
Patch 1.1.0 Twitter/@CoromonTheGame

The monster-taming game Coromon got a pretty beefy update recently. Patch 1.1.0 brought a lot of impactful changes to the game, especially with the introduction of the Reduced RNG Mode and Trait Enhancements.

Trait Enhancements

A new mechanic has been introduced in the latest update. But before anything, Traits in Coromon are abilities that do not consume SP. Instead, they are triggered when specific conditions are met.

That said, Trait Enhancements allow you to improve your Coromons’ existing traits if you choose not to evolve them when the option presents itself.

Take Humidifier, for example. This trait makes your Coromon induce rain for five rounds upon entering a battle. If you do not evolve your Coromon with this trait, it will turn into Humidifier+, making the rain last for eight rounds. If you do not evolve your Coromon twice in a row, they will get Humidifier++. This has the same effect as Humidifier+, but with an added effect that prevents other Coromon from changing the prevailing weather condition.

Reduced RNG Mode

Developer TRAGsoft added a new mode that reduces the effect of RNG in the game. RNG, for those who don’t know, is an acronym for “Random Number Generator.” In games, this is an algorithm that produces random numbers used to determine specific events.

In Coromon, RNG affects many things, including how lucky your Coromon is when landing critical hits, the number of traits getting triggered at a certain time, etc.

With the new Reduced RNG Mode, most of the things in the game are predetermined, leaving randomness out of the equation. For instance, some Traits in the game now trigger every “X” number of turns instead of via a percentage chance.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect with Reduced RNG Mode:

  • Added Reduced RNG mode setting for single player, enforced it in PvP:
  • All skills with less than 100 accuracy now have 100 accuracy, but their effects will slightly diminish
  • Their power is multiplied by the accuracy percentage. For example a skill that had 100 power and 85 accuracy, will now have 100 x 0.85 = 85 power
  • One hit KO Skills will now damage the target for 35% of their current HP
  • Drowsy condition only lasts for 2 rounds, but Skills that apply them have 100 accuracy.
  • Side effects on skills (e.g. 25% to Burn the target) won’t trigger randomly anymore, but will instead trigger every Xth turn, where X is determined by the original percentage. An indicator below the Skill button will show if and when the side effects will trigger.
  • Critical hits get the same treatment as side effects and are now predetermined, but still affected by the amount of stat changes on your Critical Hit Chance.

So, what can you say about these impactful changes in Coromon?

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