Coromon: Patch 1.0.16 Adds Option to Disable Screenshots; Brings Plenty of Bug Fixes

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The monster-tamer RPG Coromon has received a new patch, which added an option to disable screenshots by default. It also brought plenty of bug fixes, including crash fixes and those for some progression blockers.

Developers from TRAGsoft added an option that disables screenshots by default. That’s because this has been causing crashing issues for some people. Thus, you can't get preview images on your save slots. The good thing is that you can re-enable this feature at any time, so if you’re not experiencing any crashes anyway, then you might as well do so.

Coromon is a 2D monster-taming game that takes inspiration from Pokémon games on Nintendo DS. Here, you tame and control these magical creatures called Coromon. Battles are turn-based and the game uses a stamina system where each action your Coromon makes requires some stamina to use. You will take on the role of a fledgling battle researcher at Lux Solis - a global research society. What starts out as a simple research quest turns into an adventure to save the world.

As mentioned earlier, Patch 1.0.16 comes with a bunch of bug fixes as well. You can read them below:


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when players would somehow not have the Essence Locator
  • Fixed crash when you would lose one of your Coromon in the fight against Light Sensei
  • Added a message for when Oleg does not increase the potential. Oleg also gives a partial refund if this happens
  • Fixed a crash when all Skills of a Coromon were disabled
  • Fixed Spiked Body Trait hurting the user instead of the attacker
  • Lunarpup line now has access to an additional Trait: Stead
  • Slightly increased level and monster variation on the last floor of Thunderous Cave
  • Fixed a situation where players could get soft locked in Pawbury Mescher Realm map
  • Fixed 3 of the 4 solutions in the pyramid table riddle, where purple and magenta were switched on our end
  • Fixed the avatar of Perfect Armadil
  • Fixed the issue with Supersensory Trait which could cause an infinite loop
  • Fixed players getting stuck when interacting with the sculptor from the left
  • Freeze condition can no longer stay on a Coromon infinitely
  • Fixed a situation where players could walk through walls in Haunted Halls
  • Fixed a situation where players could walk through walls in Vermeer Grotto
  • Fixed Pele being at the wrong location after defeating Hozai
  • Rebooted the Fusebox so that it damages the attacker instead of healing it while discharging
  • Tactical Retreat trait now shows the name of the Coromon

Coromon Patch 1.0.16 is available on PC.

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