Core Keeper Embraces Halloween with New Seasonal Event in Patch 0.4.7

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The Halloween festivities have now begun in Core Keeper Patch 0.4.7. This update also implements a very impactful change in how seasonal events are celebrated in the future.

Four enemies in Core Keeper have donned their Halloween getups: Big Larvas (vampires), Caveling Miners (ghosts), Caveling Shamans (pumpkings), and Caveling Brutes (Frankensteins).

They drop a Halloween goodie bag upon defeat, containing candy and some spooky equipment that you can use to dress up for the occasion. This includes the Pumpkin Lantern, Pumpkin Head, Spooky Blanket Hood, and more.

Those are not the only things that you can find in the Halloween goodie bag. Aside from the Grumpkin Seeds, it also holds another rare item.

As mentioned earlier, there’s a big change to how seasonal events work in Core Keeper moving forward. Now, seasonal events, including the current Halloween festivities, start and end based on the date and time that is set on your PC.

This is a huge change because you can enjoy all of the seasonal content at your own pace. So, if you have not acquired everything that a seasonal event has to offer yet, you can just adjust the date and time settings on your PC accordingly to get them all!

Patch Notes

  • Any new Amber Larvas and Giant Mushrooms that players acquire will only give the permanent health increase once. The health increase from previously acquired Amber Larvas and Giant Mushrooms will still stack to avoid punishing players who have worked hard on farming these items. Players current max health will remain unchanged, this change is intended to improve how max health is gained in the game moving forward and not to affect already existing players max health. The old version of Amber Larvas and Giant Mushrooms are considered deprecated and thus they will for example no longer appear in the cookbook but cooking anything with the new version will appear in the cookbook. They will also no longer be obtainable when playing the game normally. They can still be obtained using mods.
  • Shroomen have a low chance to drop a Giant Mushroom.
  • Ghorm the Devourer has a low chance to drop an Amber Larva.
  • The large version of object icons are used instead of the small one on pedestals and tables.
  • Plants and equipment that have a glowing effect now also glow when put on a pedestal or table.
  • Legendary beam is now shown for legendary objects placed on pedestals and tables.
  • The game will keep its window size after restarting the game when using window mode: Windowed. Changing window mode back and forth to something else and Windowed will restore its default size which is set to be pixel-perfect.

Core Keeper Patch 0.4.7 is available on PC.

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