Core Keeper: Desert of Beginnings Update Implements Cooking and AI Improvements

Desert of Beginnings Update
Desert of Beginnings Update Twitter/@CoreKeeperGame

Core Keeper’s second major update, Desert of Beginnings, not only brings new and exciting content, but also implements much-needed improvements.

One of the things that players will notice in the Desert of Beginnings Update is that the Cookbook UI now has ingredient category filters, such as Plant, Fish, and Meat. Choosing any of these categories will filter the ingredients out, making it easier for players to know if they have the right food components to cook certain dishes.

In addition, players who have the right ingredients in their inventories can click on recipes to automatically put those components into the Cooking Pot. Furthermore, recipes are grayed out to indicate that they do not have all of the necessary ingredients from their inventories or adjacent chests.

This massive patch also brought some improvements to Core Keeper’s AI. Enemies that take damage from things like spike traps, for example, are now considered in combat. This means that their HP won’t recover gradually for a short time.

Aside from that, in-game merchants can now restock their wares even when players are interacting with them.

Here are the other noteworthy changes and improvements:

  • Improvements to Cooking and Ingredients
    • Food cooked with golden plants always becomes rare (or epic with the Master Chef talent). Previously, this was only the case for ~50% of the combinations at random when combining a golden plant with a regular ingredient, which caused confusion. Any current food that has already been cooked will keep its rarity even if it is not obtainable anymore.
    • Golden plants and cooked food made of golden plants now show up in the cookbook.
    • The ingredients filter in the cookbook UI uses the small version of the item icons instead to fit in more icons that are visible in the scroll window.
    • Added unique nouns and adjectives to cooked food made from golden plants and their icons have some golden colors to make them more distinguishable from the cooked food made from the regular version of the same plant.
  • Balancing Improvements
    • Made it much less grindy to gain skills at high skill levels for all skills. This change is applied retroactively, so players may notice that their skills have been increased when starting the game after this update, especially any high-level skills.
    • Boss health no longer scales linearly with the number of players but, instead, increases by an amount that becomes smaller for every player joining.
    • Increased damage of all explosives like Bombs and Hand Mortars.
    • Increased drop chance of the Morpha Figurine and the Caveling Gardener Figurine.
  • UI and Menus
    • Added current world name to pause menu.
    • The currently grabbed item is no longer shown while in menus.
    • Portal icons will now display on top of other icons.

Core Keeper: The Desert of Beginnings Update is available on PC.

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