Cooking Simulator: Patch 5.1.45 Adds New Features and Bug Fixes to Shelter DLC

Cooking Simulator Patch 5.1.45
Cooking Simulator Patch 5.1.45 Steam

Patch 5.1.45 for Cooking Simulator is now available. This update adds new features and bug fixes to the Shelter DLC and the base game.

Let’s start with the base game first. All foods placed on the hob should now take heat correctly. Aside from that, the issue where carrying multiple skewers at once may result in the loss of input has been fixed.

In addition, the Thermal Vision perk now works as intended. For the uninitiated, this perk allows you to know the temperature of your ingredients inside a closed oven. After applying this update, it should provide you with the correct information.

For the Shelter DLC, there is now a clear button added to the search fields. The developers have also added the possibility of killing mutants with explosions.

In terms of bug fixes, the size, scaling, and position of buttons are fixed. Furthermore, the scrolling issue where the mouse cursor would go invisible has been resolved.

Update Highlights

Cooking Simulator
  • Fixed filling a deep plate with a ladle in dish 3 not completing the quest (tomato soup)
  • Fixed position of divider under total sum in dish summary
  • Replaced shelter sponge model with an old one
  • Fixed skewer collisions
  • Fixed preparation and cleanup phase time being reduced after saving the game
  • Increased baking tray heat trigger size
Cakes and Cookies
  • Unlocked recipes should be properly reset after restarting the game
  • Fixed pizza photo mode colliders
  • Fix various issues causing the player to lose controls
  • Fixed issues with placing a fried egg on pizza
  • Disabled canned meat spawner skewer interaction
  • Changed trade discount sprites
  • Added recipe source in handbook grid
  • Prevent canceling page change animation
  • Recipe grid element tweaks
  • Moved input hints
  • Moved tutorial image
  • Fast delivery buy button unavailable with empty cart in Sandbox
  • Fixed incorrect mistakes hover font
  • Colored background for special order timers on map and handbook
  • Tweaked map open animation
  • Added more space between upgrades and frame end
  • Added some minor tooltips
  • Reverted indents in handbook tutorials and page animation locking
  • Rifle should properly lay on the rifle holder at the start of the game both on sandbox and career
  • Fixed sour cream surface
  • Added water surface to shelter water bottle
  • Added colliders to farms pots
  • Broken sour cream prefab fix
  • Added shelter automatic cutter light indicator

Cooking Simulator Patch 5.1.45 is available on PC.

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