'Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop' Tickets: How To Earn Money As Quick As Possible

Use this guide to earn tickets as fast as possible in Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop
Use this guide to earn tickets as fast as possible in Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop Rising Star Games

Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop features all sorts of customization options that can be unlocked with tickets. Players can change the look of his or her kitchen, appliances and even Mama herself. How do you get these tickets? By playing through a very dull minigame, if it can even be called that. Don’t worry, here are a few tips to help speed up your ticket collection.

To get tickets, you must enter your store and sell desserts. To open your store, click on the “My Shop” icon at the top of the main menu. You can also access your store by clicking on the button at the top of the screen when picking out dishes to make in the “Let’s Make Sweets” section of the menu.

The biggest hint for earning tickets faster is to ensure you have a good store layout. This means that every dish needs to be accessible. My original layout had every dish in my store in a grid, but this means customers can’t buy any of the dishes that are not within reach. This is a bad design, so don’t copy my mistakes.

A good layout for your desserts in Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop
A good layout for your desserts in Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop Bob Fekete

Instead, create a design that allows for customers to access every dessert. I made a zig-zag pattern, with the first column filled, only one dish in the second column, and the third column filled (as seen in the picture above). This allows customers to pick out an item and buy it. An organized store also reduces the number of customers who need help finding a dish they want to buy.

The second big tip is to simply finish all of the dishes before trying to earn tickets. The more dishes you have available, the more purchases there will be. Your store also expands after completing a certain number of dishes, so the more customers you can get into your store, the more sales you will make.

Outside of offering more options and making desserts easier to grab, there isn’t much you can do to get more tickets. You’ll just have to sit back and tap on a customer when he or she is ready to buy a dessert. Because you have to actively interact with each sale, you can’t just let this run overnight and wake up ready to buy everything.

Customization items in the shop have a range of prices, but tend to go from 1,000 tickets up to 10,000 per item or more. Each dessert you sell in your store will earn you 1,000 tickets, so you’ll be able to count the number of sales you make up until you have enough tickets to buy whatever item you want. You can’t run out of desserts to sell either, so don’t worry about having to make more for your hungry customers.

If you’re looking for more on Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop, be sure to read our official review. While the core Cooking Mama gameplay is as fun and charming as ever, the world tour stages and ticket minigames don’t do much to get you to keep playing.

So what do you think? Are you annoyed with this ticket minigame? Do you wish there was another way to earn tickets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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