Control Announces Post-Launch Content Roadmap, Two Paid Expansions Coming In 2020

Possible crossover with Alan Wake incoming.
505 Games and Remedy detail Control's post-launch expansions and updates.
505 Games and Remedy detail Control's post-launch expansions and updates. 505 Games

Remedy’s official return to the supernatural after a break from Alan Wake was very positively received, as Control’s surreal and imaginative gameplay has managed to capture what made the studio a successful one. For those who are still hung up on the game and want to see more of it, you’re in luck, as publisher 505 Games and Remedy have announced a post-launch roadmap for Control, which details what players can expect from the game in terms of content updates in the future, both free and otherwise. Check out the post-launch content roadmap below.

Content-wise, the free updates look to add some much-awaited features for Control which should giving players more to play around with.

  • Photo Mode – one of the most popular requests for Control was a Photo Mode, seeing as it makes use of incredible lighting and shadow technology, and even utilized Nvidia’s ray tracing RTX tech for PC. Photo Mode will be available to all players this fall completely for free, allowing you to take spectacular screenshots of Jesse in the Oldest House.
  • New Game Mode – coming this December is a new game mode called Expeditions, which sees Jesse facing new and even more challenging end-game content. Security Chief Arish needs help exploring the mysterious Formation and its strange surroundings. Here, Jesse will face the greatest challenges offered by the Oldest House. Expeditions will come free for all players.

The two new paid expansions will be coming in 2020, offering new story missions, teams, enemies and game mechanics, and taking place in entirely new locations within the Oldest House.

  • The Foundation – this expansion sees Jesse delving even further into the history of the Oldest House. At the request of the Board, she must explore what lies beneath the Bureau and return order to both the Foundation and the Oldest House itself.
  • AWE – look at AWE’s photo on the post-launch content and compare it with Remedy’s Alan Wake. See the similarities? If you’re still not convinced of an eventual crossover, this expansion sees Jesse heading to a new area of the Oldest House called the Investigations Sector, where the Bureau examines Altered World Events or AWEs, an element frequently featured in other Remedy titles like Quantum Break and Alan Wake.

For those interested in the paid expansions, a Digital Deluxe Edition of Control for the PS4 includes both, as well as an extra side mission called ‘Isolation’ and the Urban Response Gear outfit. A Season Pass for both expansions will be available for PC and Xbox One following the release of The Foundation expansion on the PS4, while AWE will launch across all platforms on the same date.

Control is now available to play on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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