Contra Returns: 90s Iconic Game Franchise Coming to Mobile

Contra Returns
Contra Returns Konami

Konami and Chinese game developer TiMi Studios partnered up to bring one of the most iconic game franchises in the 90s to mobile, which will launch next month.

Contra Returns is a side-scrolling action shooter reminiscent of the Contra games of old. While the gameplay is mostly unchanged, people can expect improved graphics across the board.

The game is being developed by TiMi Studios Group, a gaming division of Tencent. If you are familiar, that is because they’ve come up with some popular games, including Arena of Valor, Honor of Kings, and of course, Call of Duty: Mobile. The last one has been downloaded over 500 million times, so you know that Contra Returns is not a slouch.

According to Qiao Ju, director of Contra Returns at TiMi, the upcoming game is part of an iconic franchise loved by many through the generations.

"Making Contra Returns for mobile platforms is an opportunity for us to bring the joy of Contra to a new audience," he said.

Ju added that it makes sense to develop the game on mobile as recent breakthroughs in technology have paved the way for improved graphics quality in mobile games. As such, players can expect updated graphical details without the loss of the original formula. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

What to Expect

Contra veterans Lance Bean and Bill Rizer will be making a comeback but the iconic duo is accompanied by a rowdy bunch of heroes. Lucia and Sheena are both from other games in the franchise. While Brad Fang, the werewolf, and Snow Bear, the bear, are both gun-wielding animals unafraid to unleash hell when needed.

The last two members who will complete the roster are super mercenary Pulse Williams and bounty hunter Catelyn.

You can customize the looks of their chosen heroes, which may imply microtransactions thrown into the mix. You can also choose which weapon you want to bring to battle.

Those who want a more challenging experience can try the “One Life Mode.” As you can probably guess, dying in this game mode will result in an instant game over.

Lastly, you can have fun with others with a plethora of multiplayer modes. It is still unclear if you can play with other people globally, but since most games nowadays have multiplayer, this is likely to be the case.

Contra Returns will be available on both Android or iOS. Furthermore, those who pre-register today will get special rewards when the game launches on July 26.

So, are you excited to be running and gunning with your friends, Contra- style?

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