Conan Exiles Heads To PC, PS4 And Xbox One In May 2018

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Conan Exiles
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Conan Exiles finally has a release date, Funcom announced this week, and it’ll make its PC and console debuts on the same day. The official launch isn’t coming until mid-2018, but the studio has big plans for Conan Exiles’ departure from Early Access and the increasingly standardized industry practice of producing an overpriced Limited Edition.

According to a new press release, Conan Exiles makes its retail debut on May 8, 2018, 15 months after the early access version hit PC and and nine months after the project was ported to the Xbox One Game Preview program. The game will be available digitally, via Xbox Live, Steam and PSN, and on shelves in brick and mortar stores across the country. Conan Exiles will be a bit cheaper on PC than consoles, $39.99 vs $49.99, and Funcom says there won’t be any previews, betas or other public tests before the PS4 version of Exiles is released. And since the dumpster fire that has been 2017 isn’t quite finished yet, there’s an underwhelming pre-order bonus (Conan’s Royal Armor) and a collector’s pack full of physical goods most gamers will put on a closet shelf and forget about.

Here’s a breakdown of everything in Conan Exiles Limited Edition, via Funcom:

  • Figurine : 15 cm / 6 inch Conan the Barbarian polyresin figurine, modeled after Conan from the Conan Exiles cinematic trailer

  • Custom Comic Book : Full-color print comic book created in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics specifically for this game. The comic book tells the story of Conan on one of his adventures in the Exiled Lands.

  • Soundtrack : Three soundtracks featuring the music from Conan Exiles as well as the music from Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer.

  • Artbook : Go behind the scenes and discover some of the incredible production artworks developers used to guide their vision for the game in this full-color, print artbook.

  • World Map : Full-color printed map of the world of Conan Exiles.

  • Digital Comic Book : Code to unlock six full-color digital comic books from Dark Horse Comics, featuring the entire “A Witch Shall Be Born” story arc.

  • Digital RPG Book : Code to unlock the 368 full-color digital rule book created by Modiphius for their Conan pen and paper role-playing game. Everything you need to play!

For an early look at Conan Exiles, take a few minutes to watch the retail announcement trailer that debuted this week. Then head down to the comments and let us know what you’re hoping to see in Conan Exiles when version 1.0 is rolls out next year.

Conan Exiles is in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game debuts May 8, 2018.

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