Conan Exiles: The Age of Sorcery Arrives September 1

Ready for the new age?
Ready for the new age? Funcom

The Age of Sorcery officially starts in Conan Exiles this September 1. When this free update goes live, players can now become corrupted sorcerers.

In celebration of this new update, the game is going to be free on Steam from September 1 to September 8, and on Xbox from September 8 to September 11.

Unlike in other games, sorcery works differently in Conan Exiles. In Age of Sorcery, players can sacrifice part of their life force and in return, wield dark powers. Unlike the typical fireballs and arcane missiles, sorcery in the game needs preparation and a hint of madness.

Another feature that players can expect besides sorcery is the new attribute and perk system. What it does is expands the choices available when leveling their characters. For example, the Rolling Thrust perk causes the first attack after a dodge to cost no stamina and have increased penetration. There’s also the Builder perk which makes all the structures built to be more stable, and the Survivalist perk which lets tools last a lot longer while also lowering hunger and thirst. You can learn more about that here.

There will also be a new building interface and new Creative Mode which should allow players to build faster and easier than ever.

Battle Pass and Bazaar

Another big change that arrives with the update is Seasons. However, in the game, it’s called Ages and each one has its own theme, free content, and Battle Pass. Next are the Challenges, which are rotating tasks that must be completed to progress in the Battle Pass and earn rewards. Overall, the content drops are going to be more evenly placed to allow an easier way of supporting the growth of the game.

Another new feature is the Black Lotus Bazaar. This is an item store that gives players easy access to paid DLC content. It’s pretty much a way to have a more granular choice on what they want to buy.

Are you ready for the new age to arrive? Conan Exiles is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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