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Check out the best action figures available now for Final Fantasy VII.
Check out the best action figures available now for Final Fantasy VII. Square Enix

With the impending release of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake next year, there has been a steadily growing hype for the series once again. Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release is being treated as a real mainline entry to arguably the biggest JRPG franchise, and as such there’s an unmistakable level of hype surrounding it.

The waiting time for March 2020 can be unbearable, but during these long months of replaying Final Fantasy VII and absorbing yourself in its related media over and over, it’s nice to take a break from the digital with a collectible, physical piece of the game. Final Fantasy VII collector’s figures are all the rage now, and you can easily get one to be the ultimate centerpiece for your collection, one that showcases your ultimate love for the series.

All of that said, let’s take a look at some of the coolest Final Fantasy VII action figures that might be your next big purchase.

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Square Enix Final Fantasy Advent Children: Sephiroth Play Arts Kai Action Figure

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, a tie-in animated movie to the game, is a bit of a mixed bag to fans of the series. However, it did spawn some very amazing character designs, particularly that of the primary antagonist Sephiroth, who had a very important role in the movie despite his apparent death in Final Fantasy VIII. The figure itself makes for a pretty cool and awe-inspiring centerpiece, if you can forgive the higher price tag, that is.

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This figure of Sephiroth comes with his fearsome katana, the Masamune, as well as a single wing to showcase his transformation. His silver hair is also depicted quite naturally with the use of clear materials in order to showcase a realistic translucence, in the same way that his eyes are finely colored to appear as if glowing with Mako energy. The figure also comes with a display stand and interchangeable hand parts, should you wish to change his pose at any time.

Square Enix Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Aerith Play Arts Kai Action Figure

For fans of Final Fantasy VII, the PlayStation Portable title Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is an important one as not only did it provide a very decent backstory to the game that started it all, it also shed more light as to the characters’ backstories. This entry sees fan favorite Aerith Gainsborough and her interactions with one Zack Fair, who will ultimately be integral to the character of Cloud Strife. If you’re looking to make her the centerpiece of your Final Fantasy collection, then this is the best figure to get.

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This figure of Aerith is a depiction of her during the ending of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which is set seven years prior to the events of Final Fantasy VII itself. The figure is also a great recreation of her form, featuring actual textured clothing and a bright, very natural finish. It also comes with interchangeable face parts, including one showcasing her soft, yet determined expression as well as her iconic deep praying stance, allowing you to recreate various scenes from the games.

Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Zack Fair Play Arts Kai Action Figure

Of course, if you’re the biggest fan of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII then you would do well to also get this figure of its protagonist, Zack Fair. A SOLDIER 1st Class, he is the second owner of the Buster Sword, which he bequeaths to Cloud after his untimely death mere moments before the events of the game. His character was not originally that important, but due to how well it was received by fans of the series, Square Enix decided to expand his character, culminating in his outing in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

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The figure itself is pretty detailed and well-made, and there is obviously a lot of care made during production to keep the recreation as high as possible. Zack’s figure comes with the Buster Sword, as well as a display stand to help him pose in different ways. The figure has multiple points of articulation, allowing for a wide variety of poses, as well as interchangeable hands and other features.

Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Barret Wallace (Remake Version) Play Arts Kai Action Figure

This next figure should be a treat for those who absolutely cannot wait for the Final Fantasy VII Remake to come out next year. Barret Wallace is one of the most iconic character not just in the game, but in the entirety of the series as well. First introduced as an eco-terrorist leading the group AAVALANCHE to bomb the Mako reactors in Midgar, he slowly transforms into an integral character in Cloud’s party, playing a huge role in saving the Planet from Sephiroth.

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This figure of Barret is modeled after his highly-praised redesign for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The updated design is more articulated, and he looks incredibly cool with the default pose. Since there’s a generous amount of articulation, you can change his pose to what you see fit. Barret isn’t Barret without his signature weapons, and this figure comes with all of them.

Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Strife Play Arts Kai Action Figure

No collection of Final Fantasy VII would be complete without its central protagonist, who is also one of gaming’s most iconic characters. If there is a character that you can point to as the official face of the Final Fantasy series, it would be none other than Cloud Strife, a character who broke all conventions to become one of its best-written protagonists. His continued popularity has allowed him to be part of other series outside of Final Fantasy VII continuity, like Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. and Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts.

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This figure of Cloud is lifted from his redesign in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is more realistic and lifelike than ever before. Cloud’s expression here is one that’s determined yet melancholic, which is absolutely relatable to his initial appearance in Final Fantasy VII. There’s great detail to be found in the figure as well, which was meticulously been reproduced to appease any observant Final Fantasy fan. The joints have a full range of motion, which allows Cloud a wide variety of poses with his Buster Sword. The figure also comes with a display stand and interchangeable hand parts.

So, what do you think? Which of these well-crafted and detailed action figures from Final Fantasy will you be picking up? Let us know and stay tuned for more recommendations from us on the best deals on the best things in gaming, from peripherals and hardware, to toys and various accessories.

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