'Code Vein' Screenshots Offer First Look At Bandai Namco's Anime Vampire ARPG

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Code Vein
Code Vein Photo: Bandai Namco

New images from Code Vein are now online, two days after Famitsu revealed early information about Bandai Namco’s upcoming action RPG. And it looks like the “anime vampire Dark Souls” label fans were quick to thrust upon the project is actually pretty appropriate for Code Vein, with a few major differences.

More than a dozen Code Vein screenshots were published on Thursday, alongside the first press release for the upcoming ARPG. Neither told us much about the game we didn’t already know. But it’s still nice to get an early look at Code Vein’s aesthetic. The corresponding press release also offers a handful of new details about the project. Code Vein will be set in a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by a “a mysterious disaster,” and follow a vampire collective (Vein) that’s on it's last leg. The vampires have all traded their memories for special gifts, which appear to be Code Vein’s version of magic. Those gifts are Vein’s best shot at continuing to defend itself from the Lost, monstrous vampires whose bloodlust has drained them of all humanity.

Code Vein will task players with exploring what’s left of the vampires’ world, searching for “lost memories” and any chance at escaping their grim new reality. Players will also be able to recruit other Vein residents to aid them during their travels. The duo will possess devices (Blood Veils) capable of draining blood from fallen enemies, used to improve the player’s abilities.

According to the press release, the project will be developed by Bandai Namco Studios. That might surprise some God Eater fans, who expected Shift to be handling development duties, but the publisher says some of the team behind Bandai Namco’s other big anime ARPG series will also contribute to Code Vein. Bandai Namco Entertainment America VP of Marketing Eric Hartness threw in one last Dark Souls reference sure to generate fan theories about potential connections between the recently concluded trilogy and the plot of Code Vein.

Code Vein provides a fresh anime aesthetic and blood-curdling gameplay twists to the popular 3rd-person action RPG genre,” said Hartness. “The talented development team at Bandai Namco Studios is creating a tightly crafted experience filled with plenty of challenge that our fans crave along with a smart and engaging story that is sure to draw players deeper into the world of Code Vein. Let the feast begin!”

For more on Code Vein, take a few minutes to peruse the image gallery at the top of this post and/or revisit the teaser trailer published earlier this month. Then head down to the comments and let us know what you’re hoping to see when Code Vein debuts in 2018.

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