Co-Op Hack And Slash Title Mirador Gets A New Gameplay Trailer

Create your own bosses and face off against other players' own creations.
Mirador shows off its combat chops and shenanigans in a new gameplay trailer.
Mirador shows off its combat chops and shenanigans in a new gameplay trailer. Sauropod Studio

The independently developed co-op hack and slash boss fighting game Mirador has just released a new gameplay trailer on developer Sauropod Studio’s YouTube channel.

Mirador comes from indie studio Sauropod Studio based in Montreal, Canada. The hack and slash adventure game mixes minimalist aesthetics and a science fiction universe. It focuses on fun, satisfying, and challenging fights where your enemies are bosses created by other players. You, the player, are put in the shoes of cute, anthropomorphic animals from a late medieval world trapped in the titular Mirador, a dangerous alien world. After stepping through a mysterious portal that brings you to this foreign land, you must now find a way out and take down these boss Sentinels and bring back loot and gear to create and improve your own Sentinels.

Mirador pits you against multiple Sentinels that you can find scattered from portal to portal, loitering in unique and exotic combat arenas. The more Sentinels you defeat, the more challenging they become and in turn, the rarer and better loot you get from them. This loot can help you customize your very own Sentinel. Mirador puts a heavy focus on customization options, which is not entirely common for action adventure games. You can create your own Sentinels and customize its frame, weapons, behavior, abilities, and even its appearance. Once your creation (or abomination) is complete, you can send it out to the world and it will defend an arena from invading adventurers, much like yourself. If your Sentinel happens to defeat opponents, they will bring back riches and loot for you.

Both your hacking and slashing prowess and your creativity will matter if you want to succeed in Mirador, as it will not suffice that you just defeat other player created Sentinels and bring home loot. You actually have to plan and put these items to good use to create an unstoppable Sentinel that other randoms in the game have to face.

Mirador is currently announced for the PC via Steam and is expected to release on July 25. That's only three days away! For those interested in getting it ASAP, you can already add it to your Steam Wishlist.

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