CLUE Coming to the Real World via an Immersive Event Courtesy of Instagram

A real world mystery.
A real world mystery. Hasbro

When it comes to murder mystery games, there's no question that CLUE is one of those at the top. Indeed, what started as a board game has become a franchise that also included a feature film, mini-series, and many video games. The game hits another milestone as it offers a new social media experience for everyone to enjoy.

There's going to be a month-long murder mystery series happening on Instagram. That's right! This game of CLUE will take place completely on the social media platform and everyone is invited to solve the mysterious death of Boddy Black. Starting March 2, players are tasked with compiling evidence, meeting suspects, and pretty much immersing themselves in the world of the game.

Those who want to see what happens but are not sure if they want to join in solving the case can enjoy the weekly recaps from the official Instagram account of Crime Junkie. Crime Junkie is a true crime podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers.

A New Experience

This new experience runs for four weeks with the immersive digital murder mystery story to be featured on the CLUE Instagram account. Like the board game, players can meet different characters such as Boddy Black, Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mayor Green, Chef White, Solicitor Peacock, and Professor Plum. The only difference is that they’ve been taken to the future and transformed to metahumans through a combination of Unreal Engine and motion capture technology.

Each day, the official CLUE account is going to share new evidence and suspect testimonies. There will even be witness statements and first-person accounts.

Different Partners

To make the immersive closer to reality, CLUE has partnered with:

  • High-performance and luxury supercars creator McLaren
  • Luxury American fashion brand Halston
  • Smart home security provider Ring

With the help of these companies, iconic real-life brands are integrated to deepen the mystery and further ground the various characters in the real world.

In a statement, Hasbro Gaming SVP and General Manager Adam Biehl revealed that by expanding the storytelling on different digital and physical formats, they were able to break new ground for the original murder mystery game. He added that fans are sure to love the fact how their favorite characters were able to jump from the refreshed game board to the real world of social media.

Do you have what it takes to solve WHO killed Boddy Black, WHERE it was done, and WHAT weapon was used?

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