Close To The Sun Gets A Switch Release Alongside Other Console Versions

Developer Storm in a Teacup also showed off some Switch gameplay in a new trailer.
Close to the Sun is getting a Switch release alongside the planned versions for PS4 and Xbox One.
Close to the Sun is getting a Switch release alongside the planned versions for PS4 and Xbox One. Storm in a Teacup

Close to the Sun made quite the impact when it released earlier this year, as the Epic Games Store exclusive title drew some very positive reception thanks to its amazing atmosphere and intriguing story. It may be due to this success that publisher Wired Productions and developer Storm in a Teacup announced that Close to the Sun will also be getting a Switch release, alongside the already planned and announced versions for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 due to come out later this year.

The announcement was made with a surprisingly early Nintendo Switch gameplay announcement trailer that showcases how the game will look like on the Nintendo handheld. Check it out below to see a first look at Close to the Sun on the Switch.

Judging by the small snippet shown in the trailer, Close to the Sun is indeed running on the Switch, albeit with noticeable downgraded visuals. It’s not enough to push away potential players though; after having played a bit of Close to the Sun on PC, it seems like a good tradeoff. There are some weird texture issues, but nothing I would assume to be lasting problems, given that the Switch version is still in development.

Close to the Sun released exclusively on the Epic Games Store back in May, and its story centers on an alternate 19th Century where famed inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla managed to achieve great success with his endeavors, putting him on par with Thomas Edison. Both inventors compete for technological dominance in the world, with Tesla gaining the upper hand. Close to the Sun is set aboard a colossal scientific research vessel called the Helios, which is steeped in both horror and mystery. You play as a Rose Archer, a journalist who strives to save her sister who’s last known location was aboard the Helios.

Close to the Sun is a horror adventure title played from a first-person perspective, and features mostly puzzle solving along with general interaction to solve the mystery of the Helios and what happened to the people aboard.

Close to the Sun is now available to play on the PC via the Epic Games Store, with a PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch version planned later this year.

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