Clockwork Aquario Finally Coming to Xbox and PC

Coming soon to new platforms.
Coming soon to new platforms. ININ Games

Clockwork Aquario is coming to Xbox One and PC in summer 2022. With this, the game will become available to more platforms after being released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch back in December.

The game actually has a rather interesting history. It was developed all the way back in 1992 for the Sega System 18 and was planned to be the last arcade game to be released by Westone. Westone was known mainly for its Wonder Boy/Monster World series. Clockwork Aquario had everything that arcade gamers could only dream of. There were beautiful animations, large character sprites, and even vibrant colors.

For those who can remember their video game history, the early 90s was the period where fighting games and 3D games started to catch the attention of players. This resulted in games like Clockwork Aquario no longer being seen as commercially feasible especially for arcades. Thus, despite being the "swan song" of Westone, it was never released.

Strictly Limited Games was able to get the rights to the title and with ININ Games, they were able to bring the original developers back together and give the game another breath of life. It's because of this that the game was given the title of the longest development period for a video game by the Guinness World Records. For those who want to know the specifics, it's 28 years and 81 days.

The game is an action-platformer that brings to mind the likes of Super Mario Bros. and Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair. Players take on the role of either Huck Rondo, Elle Moon, or Gush and stop Dr. Hangyo's plan of taking over the world. There are a total of five stages with each one needing players to beat a sub-boss.

To progress, players can attack enemies by stomping or slapping them. Enemies can also be thrown in different directions. Players can even pick up another player and then throw them against enemies. There is also the ability to turn invincible for a brief period. The invincibility lasts as long as the gauge is not depleted, or players need to pick up items to replenish it.

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