The Classic Wake Island Map Is Coming To Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 Wake Island
Battlefield 5 Wake Island VGR

The classic Wake Island map from the original Battlefield 1942 is coming to Battlefield 5 next week. Along with the map, a bunch of new features are being added to the game. The Wake Island map was last seen in Battlefield 3, but we definitely will not mind seeing its return in Battlefield 5. Check out the trailer below:

DICE stated the map is going to be twice the size of the original map, and the map has been tweaked to prevent every fight turning into a sniper battle. Since the map is bigger now, players will be able to hide and sneak up on camping snipers. Although the map is mostly flat, it is surrounded by ocean, giving more opportunities for players to make their way into the map using boats and amphibious tanks.

DICE's free update is going to be live on December 12. However, while you wait for the new map to drop in the game, you can meddle around a bit with creating and playing in custom games. On December 9, custom games are going to be a part of Battlefield 5, allowing players to create their own private matches with settings of their choice. You will be able to bring your Battlefield squad and play only the maps and modes that you want to play and keep the server locked behind a password, preventing anyone else other than your friends from entering the server.

However, it is important to know that private matches are still a work in progress, and new features will be added to the mode next year. This means you cannot choose what weapons, vehicles, or classes are included in your games when the mode launches.

Additional information on private matches can be found here.

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