Clash Royale February 2018 Balance Changes: Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel And More Get Buffed And Nerfed

Balance Changes are coming to the Clash Royale arena February 12, 2018. Find out every card getting buffed and nerfed, plus new cards releasing, here. SUPERCELL


On Saturday, Supercell announced a new round of balance changes coming to the Clash Royale arena next week. The changes will bring buffs and nerfs to seven cards in the arena while ushering in a new card as well. Find out everything that’s new and changing in the Clash Royale February 2018 balance changes below.

Clash Royale February 2018 Balance Changes Update

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Seven cards will see buffs and nerf in the February 2018 balance changes. Photo: Player.One

The latest set of balance changes are set to hit the arena on Monday, February 12, 2018, and while the changes small, they reflect the team's constant effort to keep gameplay balanced and fun.

Cards Getting Buffed

  • Valkyrie -  Hit Speed quickened to 1.4 seconds from 1.5

  • Bandit -  Minimum Dash Range  decreased from 4 to 3.5

  • Dark Prince - Hit Speed quickened to 1.3 seconds from 1.4 second, hitpoints increased 5%.

Cards Getting Nerfed

  • Mega Knight - Spawn and Jump Damage reduced by 25%. Deployment radius reduced  so that deployment won't hit beyond the bridge and river.

  • Skeleton Barrel -  Skeleton count reduced from 8 to  6.

  • Knight - Hitpoints get reduced by 6%.

  • Inferno Dragon - takes a longer amount of time to switch between targets

New Magic Archer Card

Probably the biggest part of the update new is a note about the new Magic Archer card, preparing for release. The card was leaked last fall but Clash Royale confirmed the card was real Friday morning when the official Twitter account posted a photo of the upcoming card. Further confirmation was given Saturday inside of the upcoming Balance Change notes. You can learn more about the upcoming Magic Archer card, here.


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