Clash of Clans: Clan Capitals Now Available in Latest Update

Clan Capital Update
Clan Capital Update Twitter/@ClashofClans

The Clan Capital update for Clash of Clans is here. This major update introduces a new social feature called the Clan Capital, a central hub where your entire clan contributes to the construction and upgrading of a massive base high up in the clouds.

The Clan Capital can be accessed once you satisfy two requirements. First, your clan’s level must be at Level 2 or higher. Second, your Town Hall level should be at Level 6 or higher. After satisfying both conditions, just click on the Air Ship icon next to the Builder Base boat to enter.


Every Clan Capital is composed of different districts, each having its unique theme, troops, defenses, and aesthetics. For instance, the Barbarian Camp can produce Sneaky Archers and Battle Rams to protect the said district.

The District Hall is considered the “core” of every district and is functionally equivalent to a Town Hall in your village. This can be upgraded using a new currency called Capital Gold. The higher the level of the District Hall, the more upgrade options are available to you for that particular district.

New Currencies

Capital Gold and Raid Medals are two new currencies added in Clash of Clans’ latest update.

Capital Gold can be acquired by building a Forge or engaging in collaborative Capital Raids over the weekend. This can be used to upgrade your Capital Buildings and restore Ruins.

Raid Medals can be earned by conquering districts successfully during Capital Raids. They can be used to purchase magic items and more from the Trader.

Capital Raids

Like a regular clan raid, Capital Raids are epic battles that begin every Friday and end on the following Monday. If you and your clan join in this collaborative raid, you’ll be matched up against another Clan Capital.

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, damage during Capital Raids is persistent. If your clanmate starts damaging a particular district but does not destroy it, you can pick up where they left off.

Second, clans will attack district by district. Getting the victory means that your clan has conquered the entire Clan Capital. Third, spells will remain for one attack after they’re cast. For example, if you drop a healing spell before your clanmate initiates their attack, it will still be on the ground for your clanmate to use.

You can learn more about the Clan Capital update here.

Clash of Clans is available on Android and iOS.

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