Civilization 6 iPad Beginner's Guide: Reach Victory As Spain

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Philip II, leader of Spain in Civilization VI. (c) 2K Games

In Civilization 6, the pious, fierce civilization of Spain is ideal for either a domination victory or a religious victory. As Spain, you’ll want all your cities to follow the same religion. You also get a bonus when Spain fights other civilizations with a different religion.

  • TIP: Avoid spreading your religion to civilizations you plan to conquer via war later so you hold onto your bonus for fighting civs with a different religion.

Spain is led by Philip II, whose special ability is called “El Escorial.” You get two special bonuses:

  • Spanish inquisitors have an extra charge to remove heresy, which helps you keep all your cities following your religion alone.

  • When fighting civilizations that don’t follow your religion, you get +4 bonus to combat strength for all units.

Spain’s special ability is “Treasure Fleets,” which means any trade route with cities on other continents will yield more than if you traded with cities on your own continent. You can also combine your naval units into fleets.

Spain’s unique unit is the “Conquistador,” which replace Musketmen. They get +10 combat strength when there is a Missionary, Inquisitor or Apostle in the same hex with them. If a conquistador is adjacent to or in a city when it is captured, the city automatically adopts the player’s Religion as the dominant Religion.

  • TIP: Even when you unlock the ability to upgrade Conquistadors to Infantry, it’s wise to keep a few Conquistadors around. That way, they’ll help spread your religion when going to war.

Spain’s unique improvement is the “Mission.” This tile improvement provides +1 faith, or +2 faith if on a different continent from the Spanish capital. It provides +1 science if built adjacent to a campus, and +2 science when Cultural Heritage is researched.

  • TIP: Spain doesn’t focus on science, but the Mission helps you keep up with science while still providing faith.

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