Civilization 6 iPad Beginner's Guide: Reach Victory As America

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Theodore Roosevelt leading America in Civilization 6. (C) FIRAXIS, 2K GAMES

America is a cultural and military powerhouse led by Theodore Roosevelt in Civilization 6. Using  America’s Film Studios and taking advantage of America’s peerless natural beauty will help America win a Culture victory. However, the B-51 Mustang unit, the Rough Rider unit and America’s bonuses to battle on their own continent can easily lead America towards a Domination victory as well.

Roosevelt’s leader bonus is called “Roosevelt Corollary.” This leader bonus gives all of America’s unit +5 combat strength when fighting on their own continent, as well as +1 appeal to all tiles within a city if a national park is present.

  • TIP: Appeal is a crucial factor in late-game tourism, so the national park bonus is incredibly important for your cities situated in particularly beautiful areas. Get those tourists in to help secure your Culture victory!

America’s special ability is called “Founding Fathers,” which allows you to gain government legacy bonuses twice as fast as any other civ.

  • TIP: This is a huge advantage by helping you get bonuses other civilizations won’t receive for some time. Even in the early game, taking advantage of America’s special ability can skyrocket you ahead of the competition.

America’s unique improvement is the Film Studio. The Film Studio tile improvement replaces the Broadcast Tower and is built inside of a theater district. This building provides an additional 100 percent tourism pressure towards other civilizations.

  • TIP: Use the Film Studio to angle America for a cultural victory by building one in as many of your cities’ theater districts as you can. You’ll want to couple this with other attractions, such as national parks or Wonders, to bring in more tourists.

America gets two special units: the B-51 Mustang and the Rough Rider unit. The B-51 Mustang replaces the fighter plane unit. It gains +5 strength against fighter aircraft, gains +2 flight range, and gains +50 percent experience. The Rough Rider unit earns Culture from kills on the capital’s continent as well as gaining +10 combat strength when fighting on hills.

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