'Cities: Skylines' Free DLC 'Pearls of the East' A Celebration Of 3.5M Sold

Cities: Skylines is coming to Xbox One this spring Paradox Interactive

Cities: Skylines fans are getting some free DLC from Colossal Order, thanks to the recent news that the megahit franchise is now sitting at 3.5M copies sold worldwide Called Pearls of the East , the free DLC will have a Chinese theme and come with three new buildings: the Shanghai Pearl Tower, a Panda Zoo and a Chinese Temple. No release has been given, but publisher Paradox Interactive told vg247 it would be available soon.

The sales milestone is a major achievement to be sure, thanks in no small part to Colossal Order’s fantastic citybuilder launching while the memory of EA’s horrendous Sim City launch still sat fresh in gamers’ minds. It wasn’t simply spite driving sales, obviously, as anyone who has ever spent time with Cities: Skylines and the existing DLC would be quick to tell you. The game has improved a lot since its initial release, a testament to Colossal Order’s consistent updates.

More Cities: Skylines DLC is coming, too. The Mass Transit DLC is expected to launch this month and with it comes a plethora of new mass transit options for budding city planners. New services like ferries and blimps, transit hubs that handle multiple services in one building and a traffic-focused achievement section seem geared to teaching players a bit more about best practices when it comes to managing traffic flow.

As an on-again, off-again Cities: Skylines player I’d have to say I’m more interested in the Mass Transit update than the Pearls of the East DLC. Traffic always became my late game nightmare and you can really get into the weeds looking for tips online. A bit more training on how to prepare for and manage growth is welcome. And if I get to add a bajillion Panda Zoos to entertain my rapidly-expanding suburbanites, so be it.

Oh, and it’s coming soon to Xbox One too. Plenty of reasons to be excited for this one.

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