Race to Victory with Circuit Superstars on PC and Xbox One

Prepare for the races.
Prepare for the races. Square Enix

On the surface, Circuit Superstars may look like your typical racing game. But unlike others, this one has been built by racing fans for racing fans. While the game focuses on tactile driving, it offers a high-skill ceiling that ensures players spend hours honing their perfect lap.

The game is already available on PC through Steam and Xbox One. It’s set to be released soon on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

The game gives players access to a garage filled with 12 vehicles, all ready to compete. There are 19 tracks available for everyone to take on and set in 13 different locations. Players also get to enjoy customization options like liveries not only for the cars but even drivers. When it comes to the racing itself, the game has Rallycross, Trucks, Open wheel single-seaters, GT racing, and more.

Features of the game include:

  • Online Multiplayer
    • Join this online multiplayer race where as many as 12 players worldwide can compete.
  • Split Screen Local Multiplayer
    • Challenge up to three of your mates or take on AI drivers.
  • Grand Prix
    • Master all disciplines by completing single-player tournaments.
  • Free Play Mode
    • Create your own race events or tournaments.

In a statement , Head of Square Enix Collective Phil Elliott revealed that the game is a good example of how developers can bring their love of motorsport and mix it with gaming to offer something special for both communities. He added that what makes this game unique is it offers relaxing gameplay to some, while a challenge to others.

Meanwhile, Alberto Mastretta of Original Fire Games shared that launching the game is a big milestone for the studio. He went on to say that they gave everything they had to honor the sport they love and bring those same experiences to players. Carolina Mastretta, also of Original Fire Games, said that they are more than excited to be on the track with everyone and share those special moments.

What do you think? Are you ready for the races?

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