Chronicon Update 1.20.0 QoL Changes, New Features, and More

Chronicon Update 1.20.0
Chronicon Update 1.20.0 steam

Chronicon developer, Subworld, recently released a new update that added new features and QoL changes. The addition of the Death Recap system allows users to see the last 25 effects that applied to your in-game character. This system can show details, such as damage, healing, absorb rate, and more.

One of the best QoL changes is the Particle Intensity, which can be found in the video options. This graphics-related option lets players either reduce or remove particle clutter, which makes the game look neat for those who don't like too many particles. Read the other changes below.

Update 1.20.0

Big Features:

  • New Tinka's Domain! Complete with a brand new music track for it.
  • Added Skin & Dye system (Wardrobe): Access it by interacting with the new red Wardrobe in Tinka's Domain or The Chronicon (near your stash).
  • Added two additional skins for each class, unlockable via story, and endgame progression on a per-class basis (account-wide unlock).
  • Added 32 dyes, eight per class. Four base dyes that are always available and four dyes that drop from bosses randomly (account-wide unlock).
    • Note: Your character is no longer automatically dyed based on skill point distribution, the new dye system overwrites this! But the base four dyes are very similar to the old system.
  • Added a Death Recap system! Click the new Death Recap button after you've died to see the last 25 changes to your health, including detailed information such as damage element, direct/indirect, absorbs, healing, and more.


  • Now (finally) up to date!

Endgame Improvements:

  • For every 50 Endless Tiers beaten, the Boost Tier boosts and additional Tier. For example, at T50 you can boost four at a time, or at T100 boost five at a time, and so on. Caps at 10 at a time.

QoL Stuff:

  • Stash and Dummies are now marked on the map in both Tinka's Domain and the Chronicon.
  • Tinka's Domain and The Chronicon maps no longer get fogged up (always fully explored).
  • Loading a character now puts you in your last visited hub (Tinka's Domain or The Chronicon) rather than always in The Chronicon.
  • Added a new scale setting for the item, spell, and tooltip cards. (so it can be scaled independently from your inventory scale setting).
  • Runes now have a prefix depending on if they are crafted or found in Anomalies. This prefix is also noted (and shortened) when hovering over an item with a Rune on it.
  • Added a "Particle Intensity" setting to the Video options, which can be lowered or even turned off to reduce particle clutter.
  • Items that have been dropped out of the inventory no longer get picked back up with radial loot, and must be individually picked up.
  • Made in-game update notes (from 1.20 and forwards) more readable.

You can read more about the update here.

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