Chroma Squad Will Be Making Its Way To The Switch 'Soon'.

The Power Rangers-inspired tactical RPG is already available across all platforms.
Four years after its initial release on PC, Chroma Squad will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch soon.
Four years after its initial release on PC, Chroma Squad will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch soon. Plug In Digital

Publisher Plug In Digital has just confirmed that tactical RPG title Chroma Squad will be shooting its action sequences soon on the Nintendo Switch. Check out the original tweet from their official Twitter below.

Originally launched for the PC in April of 2015, Brazilian developer Behold Studios' brainchild Chroma Squad is a weird, yet fun mix between role-playing and sim games. It takes you into the lives of stunt actors tired of waiting for their “big” break. Taking matters into their own hands, they start, produce, direct, and fund their very own Power Rangers inspired TV Show. You can choose which actors you cast, what equipment to purchase for your studio so that you can produce that HD quality goodness for your audiences, along with what weapons or mechas to craft out of cardboard and duct tape.

Once the lights are warm, the props are ready, and the stage is set, you begin filming episodes. Certain objectives are set by your director so that more fans can be gained during the show. Upgrading the right skills and abilities to get more fans is essential. It plays initially like your usual sim game until the ultimate villain, named “Lord Gaga” arrives and threatens the whole world itself. From there, the lines separating real-fighting and acting-fighting becomes blurrier. Street fights soon become giant mechas vs. monsters type of fights, with you towering over the city’s buildings and me wondering how are your cameramen going to get good footage from street level.

Chroma Squad is, overall, quite a funny and enjoyable game. The pixel art is nicely done and the gameplay is properly divided between “managing” and “fighting” moments. The parody humor isn’t forced and the dialogue does its best to get a laugh out of players. Okay, maybe it’s a little forced at times, but it somehow still managed to get a chuckle out of me. It's a great, cheap pick-up if you're looking for a short and sweet burst of RPG goodness.

Plug In Digital has yet to confirm its release date for the Switch, just that Chroma Squad will be coming “soon”. The simulation/role-playing game is currently available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Android and iOS (only in selected regions).

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