Chivalry 2: Patch 2.7.0 The Winter War is Here; Adds New Thayic Stronghold

Winter War Update
Winter War Update Steam

Patch 2.7.0 for Chivalry 2, aka the Winter War Update, is now available on all platforms. This update introduces a new map, weapon, and the much-awaited campaign pass. Read further to learn more.

Assault on the Stronghold

Assault on Thayic Stronghold
Assault on Thayic Stronghold Steam

The Winter War is here! The Mason forces have landed on the Agathian heartland with only one main goal: to kill the self-proclaimed King Argon II. But it won’t be easy as the Agathian army will do everything to protect their ruler.

The Stronghold is a new objective map in Chivalry 2 where the Mason Order completes a series of objectives that will ultimately lead to King Argon II’s demise.

Horses may spawn on the map that the players can use to get from one point to another as quickly as possible.

The new Stronghold map can be played in the Mounted Warfare queue, the 64-player Mixed queue, and the limited-time Winter War queue.

New Weapon

New Two-handed Weapon: Quarterstaff
New Two-handed Weapon: Quarterstaff Steam

Players who want a more versatile weapon can use the new Quarterstaff. Despite its distinction of being a two-handed heavy primary weapon, the Quarterstaff can actually overwhelm enemies with its speed, a potent choice for close-quarters combat. If the enemy decides to run away, Quarterstaff users can switch to overhead attacks at a considerable distance.

The Quarterstaff is also an effective defensive tool, thanks to its reduced stamina cost when blocking or initiating a special attack.

Campaign Passes

Winter War Campaign Pass
Winter War Campaign Pass Steam

Chivalry 2: Winter War Update features the first implementation of the Campaign Pass as well. This works similarly to the traditional Battle Pass, where players can unlock unique items, currency, and skins just by playing Chivalry 2 as they normally would.

However, Campaign Passes can be either permanent or offered for a limited time, depending on the update. The Campaign Pass for the Winter War Update is permanent, so players can unlock all of the goodies at their own pace.

Additionally, players do not need to do anything because the free track is enabled by default once they’ve patched their game client. Those interested in getting the premium track can purchase it from the in-game store for 1,000 Crowns.

Here’s a rundown of all of the rewards from the Winter War Campaign Pass:

  • Weathered Norse Battle Axe
  • Weathered Seafarer Helmet
  • Weathered Huscarl Helmet
  • Seafarer Helmet
  • Huscarl Armor
  • Norse Battle Axe
  • Huscarl Helmet
  • Carved Norse Battle Axe
  • Winter Warrior Player Title
  • Huscarl Battle Axe
  • Runesinger Player Title
  • 9,000 gold
  • 300 crowns
  • Stonemason Hammer
  • Seafarer Player Title
  • Rusty Guard Sword
  • The Stronghold Player Title
  • Rune Hammer
  • Royal Guard Sword
  • Engraved Seafarer Helmet
  • Huscarl Winter Armor
  • Engraved Guard Sword
  • Engraved Rune Hanmer
  • Frostbite Imperfection
  • Royal Huscarl Sword
  • Seafarer War Helmet
  • Engraved Huscarl Helmet
  • Golden Rune Hammer
  • Thayic Rune Hammer
  • Royal Huscarl Helmet
  • Royal Huscarl Armor
  • 3,000 gold

Chivalry 2 Winter War Update is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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