ChinaJoy 2019: Horror Adventure Game In Nightmare Gets A New Trailer

Featuring a surreal and almost dream-like atmosphere - and one very scary lady.
In Nightmare gets a gameplay trailer for ChinaJoy 2019.
In Nightmare gets a gameplay trailer for ChinaJoy 2019. Magicfish Studio

ChinaJoy 2019 begins today, and with it comes a whole host of titles from China-based developers as the country’s biggest gaming expo runs the whole weekend. There are tons of games that are featured, so be sure to stick around for our coverage of everything announced at this event, especially seeing as China is starting to gain footing in video game development – and that means more great games for everyone.

One of the most wonderful things about ChinaJoy is that you get to see a culture that’s underrepresented in gaming, especially if it’s horror-related. Magicfish Studio is bringing that spooky brand of Chinese horror to its latest title for the PlayStation China Hero Project called In Nightmare. The game will be showcased extensively at this year’s ChinaJoy, with a playable build available to attendees from August 2 to August 5. Check out the terrifying trailer for In Nightmare below.

If there’s anything this trailer has proven, it’s that the top-down perspective is incredibly atmospheric for horror, despite you having more knowledge of when the monster is. The character design for the horror lady is also very excellent, and there’s something terrifying about her overall stature when compared to the player character that made me squirm a bit while watching the trailer.

In Nightmare, according to the game’s press release, is still a working title for the game. Rather than outright horror, it’s being sold as a dark fairy tale akin to something like Little Nightmares, with the themes exploring growing pains and “self-salvation”. In Nightmare will feature a dream world rife with puzzles and other obstacles to stand in the main character’s way. It also has this very surreal feel to its art design, with clocks on the floor and televisions showing static standing atop a column of books. There’s a clear air of tension that cuts through it all, and if In Nightmare can back it up with a solid showing from the horror lady’s AI, then this could prove to be a horror title to watch out for.

In Nightmare is currently being developed for the PlayStation 4. No release date has yet been announced.

ChinaJoy 2019 will run from August 2 to August 5. Expect more coverage from us as soon as it is announced.


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