Chernobylite July 28 Update: New AMD FSR 2.0, Improved Ray Tracing, and Bug Fixes

Rejoice console players!
Rejoice console players! The Farm 51

Chernobylite, the sci-fi survival game developed by The Farm 51, received a major update recently. The update added new features to the game, improved ray tracing, reduced crashes, and fixed several bugs.

AMD FSR 2.0 has finally arrived in the game. Players can choose between four available settings, namely, Quality, Balanced, Performance, and Ultra Performance. However, FSR 2.0 will only work if the game is running with DX12 API. The patch also improved the ray tracing effects in some areas. The amount of crashes in VR mode is reduced as well, hence, improving the game’s stability.

  • Added AMD FSR 2.0 feature (please make sure to run the game in DX12 to use it!) with the following settings available: “Quality,” “Balanced,” “Performance,” “Ultra Performance”
  • Improved overall stability - amount of crashes you were experiencing (especially in VR mode) should be reduced now
  • Improved Ray Tracing effects in some areas
Major Bugs Fixes
  • The issue blocking progress in “Ghost of the Past in Pripyat Residential Area” is gone. If you have a save file where the quest is already broken - don’t worry, because going through the timeline is a solution for such a case.
  • The issue with some of the items (and extended slots) disappearing from inventory after leaving VR is fixed. Note: Loading broken save from outside VR won’t restore items, but if you load the game saved inside VR - both items and slots will be back
  • The event where Semyon asks you to mine the building sometimes was not progressing even if 3+ mines were set up. We extended the trigger area, so the problem won’t occur anymore
Localization Updates
  • “Select” and “Exit” text lines on the board with Tanya’s photos were always displayed in English regardless of currently set language - now all languages have their corresponding translations
  • We have corrected spelling mistakes visible in some of the dialogues/menus. Most of them were spotted by you and reported on the Steam forum, so thanks for that!
  • Amount of available ammo now always differ between VR and non-VR mode
  • Sometimes the game was crashing when Igor was killed by chernohost from specific events - it’s fixed now
  • We fixed some random crashes encountered when entering/leaving portals in VR mode

You can read the complete changelog via Steam. You can also purchase the game from there for $29.99.

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