Check Out the New Speed Pass in the Latest Volume for Need for Speed Unbound

NFS Unbound Update
A lot of new content now available. Electronic Arts

A new update is now live in Need for Speed Unbound which introduces a new Speed Pass. The free one features the BMW M3 Competition Touring '23 while the Premium version has the Ford Mustang Dark Horse '24.

Vol. 7: Drift & Drag introduces a new Speed Pass that's packed with customization content spread across 45 tiers of unlocks. The highlights is the BMW M3 Competition Touring '23 that comes with multiple bodykits to fully customize the new ride. There are also XP Boosts that can be unlocked which accelerate Rank and Speed Pass progression. Here are some of the rewards available:

  • Car: BMW M3 Competition Touring '23
  • Bodykits: BMW M3 Competition Touring '23
  • Custom: Underground-Dragster BMW M3 Competition Touring '23
  • Character Skin for MP: Anechka, Boost, and Waru
  • Cosmetics: Rims from Equip, Rotiform, and more

Premium Speed Pass

Those who want more can choose to get the Premium Speed Pass instead of just the Free Speed Pass. The new Premium Speed Pass immediately gives players the new Ford Mustang Dark Horse '24 while also opening up access to its three bodykits. There are also the three Rare Custom versions of the new cars that include two original Speedhunters designs.

There are 30 total tiers of content to unlock in this premium track that include:

  • Car: Ford Mustang Dark Horse '24
  • Bodykits: Ford Mustang Dark Horse '24
  • Custom: Ford Mustang Dark Horse '24 - Speedhunters Edition (Drag)
  • Custom: BMW M3 Competition Touring '23 - Speedhunters Edition (Drift)
  • Custom: Underground-Drifter Ford Mustang Dark Horse '24
  • NFS Legends Custom: Melissa's Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX '99
  • Cosmetics: Music-reactive customization parts
  • Cosmetics: LCD License plates and rims
  • Driving Effects: Rip Up, Burn Up the Road

New PVP Races

Since there's a new volume, it means there are new races and new Legends playlist. There's now even Drag and Drift. Here's what the new update offers:

  • 37 Additional Playlists
  • 20 Drift Pro Routes - 10 new 10 remixed
  • 37 Drag Routes (All new Routes)
  • 10 Brand new race routes for the NFS Legends Playlists.
    • This includes being able to drive in Eddie's and Rachel's icon Skyline and 350z.
  • 4 Equal Performance Playlists for the new Ford Mustang Dark Horse '24
  • 4 Equal Performance Playlists for the new BMW M3 Competition Touring '23

The new update also brings back some of the game modes in the franchise that players love. You can read more about it here.

Need for Speed Unbound is available for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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