Check Out the Gameplay Trailer of the For Rent Expansion for The Sims 4

Time to own property. Electronic Arts

The official gameplay trailer for the upcoming expansion of The Sims 4 is finally here. In "For Rent," players get to discover new lot type and even learn more about what it means to be a property manager. They also get the chance to be creative when it comes to multi-family households.

The For Rent Expansion Pack is launching on December 7 with pre-orders now open. Those who buy the expansion pack between November 2 to January 2 get access to the Street Eats Digital Content. In this one, players get to bring the night market flavor home with a grill cart, street umbrella, and even a fruit basket.

Watch the gameplay trailer below:

New Lot

For quite some time, players have been requesting apartments and even multi-residential rentals. With the new expansion pack, players can now build a fully customizable multi-unit dwelling where multiple families get to live on the same lot. The New Residential Rentals lets Sims get even more creative through the fully customizable multi-family dwellings.

Property Management

The new expansion pack allow Sims to become Property Owners. They can choose to live with the tenants or have separate residences while multiple property investments generate income. It's not going to be easy since they'll need to deal with a lot of issues like insect infestations and mold, to name a few.

Indeed, being a Property Manager comes with its own layer of responsibility. Don't forget to do inspections and do what needs to be done. Remember that when the ratings become too low, there's the possibility that tenants may revolt.

New Aspirations & Traits

For a more immersive experience, Sims get four new Aspirations which are Seeker of Secrets, Five-Star Property Owner, Fount of Tomarani Knowledge, or a Discerning Dweller. There are also five new traits which include Nosy, Generous, Cringe, Child of the Village and the Elder specific Wise.

Finally, there's a new Fear which is sure to create some unexpected and exciting stories. Since tenants can experience evictions, fears now include a tenant afraid of being evicted because of misbehavior.

The Sims 4 is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It's also out for the PC through the EA app for Windows, Epic Games Store, Origin, and Steam.

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