Check Out 30 Minutes of Gameplay Footage for HARVESTELLA

30 minutes of new gameplay footage has been debuted for HARVESTELLA, a new life sim game coming to Switch and PC on November 4.
30 minutes of new gameplay footage has been debuted for HARVESTELLA, a new life sim game coming to Switch and PC on November 4. Square Enix

Publisher Square Enix and developer Live Wire debuted 30 minutes of new gameplay footage for HARVESTELLA, the action RPG life simulation coming to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on November 4. The new gameplay footage debuted at the latest Nintendo Treehouse: Live presentation that aired yesterday for August, a show that also featured Splatoon 3 single-player and multiplayer stage walkthroughs. Check out the 30 minutes of new footage for HARVESTELLA below (timestamp at 49:45).

The footage is accompanied by commentary walking viewers through the opening act of the game, as well as the circumstances of HARVESTELLA’s protagonist. The farming portion was also shown for a bit alongside the overworld map that’s highly reminiscent of the Atelier series of games. Combat was also shown, and it would appear that fighting against enemies uses hack-and-slash mechanics rather than a turn-based system.

HARVESTELLA is a brand-new IP under the Square Enix banner and is a life simulation, exploration, and action RPG all in one. It is very much Square Enix’s take on the Rune Factory series, life simulation games that build upon similar elements. In fact, in what could be considered the very definition of clichés, HARVESTELLA’s protagonist wakes up with amnesia one day to find himself in a strange land.

In this land, they also awaken during the height of the Quietus, a disaster that visits with the changing of each season, threatening all life. To combat this, they must now lead a life of self-sufficiency with a vibrant house as a base and cooperate with allies to overcome various threats. In time, HARVESTELLA thrusts the player into the mysteries behind the Quietus disasters and the world’s creation itself.

HARVESTELLA’s world comprises four different settlements, each with its own climate and flora to boot: Nemea Town, Shatolla, Lethe Village, and the Holy Capital of Argene. Each locale has its own respective dungeons, and the protagonist must visit each to reach the Seaslights, four giant crystals that govern the seasons and may hold the key to beating the Quietus. Along the way, the protagonist is joined by multiple characters that will serve as allies in their journey.

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