Changes Valve Needs To Implement In New Dota 2 Update

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Will the upcoming Dota 2 update live up to expectations?
Will the upcoming Dota 2 update live up to expectations? Valve

Fall is just around the corner, and this means that some exciting things are coming to Dota 2. That is because Valve is expected to release the highly anticipated The Outlanders update.

If you have not noticed, the current Dota 2 patch has greatly suffered from the meta present in this year’s The International. Sure, the prestigious tournament became an avenue for fans and players to be introduced to unconventional picks, but it also showcased the extremely weak pool of carries.

The Outlanders update will really be a big one. It is interesting to see just how much of an impact it will bring. But for now, let’s take a look at some of the changes we want to see in the upcoming update.

Safe Lane Carry Pool

There is no doubt that the safe lane carry pool right now is really weak. You can easily tell that most, if not all, safe laners – especially the traditional ones (hello, Troll and Sniper) – are heavily underpowered. Way before TI9 started, Valve already nerfed stable carry heroes like Lifestealer and Juggernaut. Drow Ranger and Luna, on the other hand, can pick up really slow and, thus, can easily be beaten in lane. It is probably time for Valve to make some changes and make the safe lane carry pool a little bit stronger. These heroes are just not up to par right now.

Slew of New Items

Updates that are introduced after TIs usually come with a set of new items. We can expect the same thing from the upcoming update. Mind you, most of these items introduced in the past quickly became meta-defining items, with Octarine Core and Aeon Disk being the most popular ones. Considering how cliché post TI updates have been, it probably is time for Valve to go a different route. For instance, items that allow players to make their heroes more versatile in terms of having options for countering specific heroes can be really great additions.

New Mechanics

Do you know why Pangolier became an exciting hero after his release? Well, that is because Valve introduced novel mechanics. The hero was the first one to gain a vector-targeted spell called Swashbuckle. The studio did the same thing to Grimstroke with his innovative kit and a one-of-a-kind ultimate. There is no doubt that Snapfire and Void Spirit, the two new upcoming heroes, will be making huge waves in the Dota 2 scene. Still, their efficiency will most likely depend on other improvements or changes the update will bring – and let’s just hope these changes will make the gameplay experience even better.

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