Petition Started To Ban PewDiePie From Playing Apex Legends

A growing group of Apex Legends players don't want to play with PewDiePie
A growing group of Apex Legends players don't want to play with PewDiePie Respawn Entertainment

A petition is trying to have YouTuber PewDiePie banned from playing Apex Legends. The petition was started by an inidividual with username Gabe V. Gabe alleges that PewDiePie has a tendency to "ruin everything he touches." The petition's creator further claims that once PewDiePie plays Apex Legends, it would marked as a "death sentence for such a promising game."

Petition to Ban PewDiePie from Apex
Petition to Ban PewDiePie from Apex

One of the segment that PewDiePie has on his channel is called Meme Review. In this segment, he tries to explain obscure memes to "normies." A number of people has argued that this segment has allowed the Swedish YouTuber to kill memes faster that they can be created.

Games are nothing new to the YouTuber, as this was one of the reasons for his rise to fame. His initial content consisted of Let's Play videos, wherein PewDiePie would play a game and provide live commentary. He later branched out to other content, eventually growing to be the most subscribed YouTube channel by February 2013 with 5 million subscribers. As of this writing, PewDiePie boasts 87.1 million subscribers.

His reign at the top is challenged by T-Series, the largest movie studio and music label in India. The T-Series channel currently has 87 million subscribers.

This rivalry might be the reason that PewDiePie is releasing different content in order to increase his subscribers. Earlier this month, the YouTube star finally gave in to the clamor of his fans and livestreamed himself playing Fortnite. The stream garnered at least 6.8 million views with the star getting 340,000 new subscribers.

As of publishing time, the Apex Legends petition has been signed over 200 times. Despite the petition's popularity, it will likely have no effect on PewDiePie's decision to play Apex Legends or not.

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